Burka tales

“Our responsibility begins with the power to imagine”

                -Haruki Murakami

Imagining the woman beneath the black Burka …

Downtown in the middle of Europe in a department store at the perfume stand selling

French perfume, “Hermes”  to be  exact…a pair stands, then they become a threesome

A man dressed in a modern suit so typical to men living in offices throughout the modern

world next to him stands a young woman all covered in a black dress , if you can call it a dress, more like a curtain, covering her completely to the bottom of her feet , leaving

only a small window where a pair of beautiful brown eyes look out at the world from their

shelter place, the only exposed place are the eyes, seeing, taking in, she is like a camera

in a way with only a small window to the world…the man is trying out different scents

trying to be oh so French but the woman is left to live a tradition centuries old in the middle

of modern Europe that has moved on with the time since the middle ages while some

stayed the same…


Burka times-a reaction poem written by me

Burka times

the eyes look out to the world

but the world can not see anything but the eyes

the eyes

beautiful brown eyes looking out

what do they see?

what does a woman think wearing a curtain ?

what does a man think walking with a black curtain

walking into a store

trying on perfume

trying on the world

next to a curtain



not seen


looking out



behind a curtain

safe ?



kept to a time

when the curtain can be pulled apart

when the woman will be uncovered

for only one man’s eyes to see

who to be

defined by one man

a woman

defined by a man

defined by a scent

defined by society

defined by a category


kept hidden

behind a black curtain

the sun is hidden behind a grey curtain of clouds

there are days when the sun can come out

but the woman behind the black curtain

can never ever come out from behind

black fabric covering her

from bottom to top

revealing nothing

but a pair of beautiful brown eyes..








About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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