Free as a bird

I’m free as a bird

it’s the next best thing to be

free as a bird


home home and free

as a homing bird i’ll fly

as a bird on wings


whatever happened to

the life that we once we knew

can we really live without each other ?


Where did we lose the touch

that seemed to mean so much

it always made me feel so…

so free

free as a bird

like the next best thing to be 

free as a bird

   “Free as a bird”- John Lenn

He used to walk around the dark hallways of the university wearing a dark blazar ,women always following him to his lectures where he would inadvertently repeat the quote  again and again “Men are born free but live in cages” …a convinient mantra for every situation perhaps because men ARE born free but live in cages..

The Buddhist monk was trying to explain how people can achieve happiness if only they would

let go of attachments because happiness is finite and it always comes to an end.

A friend of mine always wanted a puppy but his mother had told him that a dog eventually dies

so it is quite pointless to have a dog, get attached to it only to let it go at the end..

sitting on a burgandy colored pillow holding on to the dog leash while the dog sleeps curled up

on the floor next to me it seemed to me that we contradict the whole point of the lecuture

which promised happiness if we learn to let go but if i let go of the dog leash the dog would

be lost , might get run over by a car on the road, starve and i would be missing a very good

consistant friend…so is letting go of attachments truely the road towards achieving lasting


The monk attempted to answer the question by trying to use Buddhist terms and so it had

occured to me that the Buddhist monk is no different than any lawyer using legal terms to argue

his case…a real explaination to why it is good to not live in delusions that there is a big love

waiting out there to make your happiness complete it is NOT except for the fact that everything

comes to an end,

The days of university came to an end

the long corridor which you had walked

came to an end

the summer came to an end

the rain stops falling eventually

the cars arrive at the parking place

you arrive at the truth

you stop and look across a crowded train station

for me

but i am already walking away

pretending i don’t see you seeing me

pretending i don’t feel so much

pretending my heart did not feel

trying to bury any memory of the touch

trying to dig deep inside the cave

where i hide the skeleton of the flying memory

the bird that died

barely hatched out of an egg

once she was out there flying in the sky

now she is buried


the bird has died

how can i not be sad?

how can i not see the truth of pain ?

how can i pretend that happiness will now go

on and on ?


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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