An American tune -forever blessed

” Many’s the time i’ve been mistaken

and many times confused

yes and i’ve often felt foresaken and certainly misused

ah but i’m alright, i’m alright

i’m just weary to my bones

still you don’t expect bright and bon vivant

so far away from home

so far away from home

And i dont know a soul whose not battered

i dont have a friend who feels at ease

i dont know a dream that has not been shattered

or driven to its knees

it’s alright

it’s alright

for live so well so long

still when i think of the road we’re travelling

i wonder what’s gone wrong

can’t help  i wonder what’s gone wrong

And i dreamed i was dying

 i dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly

and looking back down at me

smiled reassuringly

and i dreamed i was flying

high up above my eyes could clearly see

the statue sailing away at sea

and i dreamed i was crying

we come on the ship they call the Mayflower

we come on the ship that sailed the moon

we come at the age’s most uncertain hour

and sing an American tune

and it’s alright

you can’t be forever blessed

still tomorrow’s going to be another working day

and i ‘m trying to get some rest

that’s all i’m trying to get some rest”

       -An American tune, simon and Garfunkel

Fourth of July

I can tell you about my boat trip to the statue of liberty

it was with an American actor who played guard no. 3 with Richard Burton and lived in a building

reserved to artists and actors downtown Manhatten.

I can not recall his name, i was much younger then and i am still not the age he was …

he proposed a marriage and i did not even consider his offer seriously, i was on my way

back home and was planning to leave the US of A on July 4th, the date my student visa

expired having achieved my goal of a Masters degree from an American insitute of knowledge .

later on flying above Boston when the fireworks exploded down below i considered all the friends

i had left behind in Harvard square, the mad poets, the musicians, the scientists who worked all

day in the labratory and played darts at night, the ordinary people going to work or not, and me

biking through Boston along with my “green” friends passing all those historical places

living in a small town outside Boston where the American revolution had begun.

It started so good, all beginnings are good

The Yiddish writer Shalom Alechem had said

“even the worst beginning is better than the best of endings” and so on the 4th of July

began a revolution and we are still struggling to understand and take it apart,

what went wrong?

“Good intentions lead to hell” is  one of those phrases i find useful in many situations and here

too a dream has been shattered and driven to its knees..

what ever happened to the beautiful ideals and still today there are arguments was the US of A

meant to be a country that separates church and state ?

what was the initial intention ?

Contrary to a scientific inquiry, it does not really matter what the beginning was like

and perhaps even in a scientific inquiry it does not matter what had happened

millions of years ago, it’s just that we always want to KNOW everything, how did it all begin ?

Sometimes it is more important to note how it had developed

“you can’t be forever blessed

still tomorrow’s going to be another working day

and i ‘m trying to get some rest”

Many of us, too many of us live in a reality where we seek that shot that will paralyze our brain

and make it unable to think independently and so i find in a workshop in the local Buddhist

center a man dressed in Asian robes of mustard and burgandy preaching to a room full of people

about love , simply love , he preaches, everyone, but love, does he not know?, is not simple..

and do people really seek to love?

what do people seek?

What did the founding fathers of the US of A intent that nation to be?

whatever they intended the US of A has produced many creative people in all fields who have

contributed to the knowledge of humanity but also other matters, a lack of peace, greed

unhealthy values of wanting more and more and more for less and less…

the list can go on and on but i prefer to see the statue of liberty in my mind

sailing at sea, and the actor whose name i had forgotten by now who took me to see the statue

of liberty before i left the US of A and sought my company at his old age like the biblical

king David only i was not meant to be his Beth sheba or anyone else’s , i was meant to be

independent like the US of A , or is it really independent of doubt?

In any rate i wish this 4th of July to be a happy sunny one, to remember the muffins

the coffee at Harvard square, the poets, the musicians, the scientists all getting together

to make this universe rich with knowledge love and seeking answers with the spirit of liberty

and justice for all..

Not always possible but lets dream of this American tune a bit even for just one day

why not?

Memories of the US of A

a park bench

you sat there

your smile was home

we talked

the talk was a connection

a key that unlocked all that was me

at the time i did not know

who i was going to be

sometimes i wonder if you too

remember and see me in your memories of that time

or have you got better things to do ?

To relive those days

when the sun was shining and we were daisies

thinking themselves special roses

the thorns of youth

the wisdom of a daisy

not seeing the field just then

waiting for another age

to see beyond now



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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