Evening falls

“When the evening falls

And the day light is fading

From within me calls

could it be I am sleeping ?

For a moment i stray

then it  holds me completely

close to home, I can not say

close to home, feeling so far away


As i walk the room

there before me a shadow

from another world

where no other can follow

carry me to my own

to where i can cross over

close to home i cannot say

close to home, feeling so far away

Forever searching, never right

I am lost in oceans of night

forever hoping i can find memories

Those memories i left behind

Even though i leave

will i go on believing

that this time is real

Am i lost in this feeling ?

Like a child passing through

never knowing the reason

I am home, i know hte way

I am home, feeling, oh

so far away”

     -Evening falls, Enya

Feeling home so far away

Must we go far away in order to discover what home is?

Must we lose in order to find ?

Must we know darkness before we discover the light?

Must we hate before we learn what is love?

I wonder as i wander the ways of this world full of contradictions and lessons to learn..

Feeling so far away

Watching people on their way home

what is home?

who are people?

what is this world

where there is so much distance between people

where there is so much unfamiliar in the familiar

where there is so much in the nothing

and nothing within everything

so far away

i get closer to who i am

travelling i find my home

together with you

i find i am alone


i find i am with you



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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