If and when

“When I fall in love

it will be forever

or i’ll never fall inlove

in a restless world like this is

love is ended before it’s begun

and too many moonlight kisses

seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

when i give my heart

it will be completely

or i’ll never give my heart

and the moment i can feel that

you feel that way too

is when i fall in love with you “

   -When I fall in love by Nat King Cole and Nathalie Cole

When I fall in love, you say, and there are so many EXPECTATIONS within those five words

WHEN- waiting for that magical moment since when? since conception it seems for we are wired for love, i have been told, for we are made by and for love, biology, psychology say.

I -The I will disappear and the WE appears, the blending of two into one entity that works and functions towards a united force of creating love.

Fall-“Gravity can not be held responsible for people falling in love” , said Albert Einstein

but we fall, we stumble upon love in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected beings; a shelter dog or cat, a person we had never thought we would ever bond with, there is always the element of suprise , love is NEVER foreseen and never planned fully..the element of suprise of coming together is what makes it MAGIC

in love-Unlike Love, in love is a condition of being in another state of mind, many see it as under the influence of drugs, the mind and heart are completely transformed and changed into a completely different entity.

When i fall in love

If i fall

will you be there to catch me?

If i love

will you be there to reciprocate ?

or will it be only me

standing there

anticipating another disappointment

disappointments are always there

you can count on THEM

but you can never ever

see love coming

around the corner

when i fall

it is a dark unpredictable place

a hole





About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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