Vienna waits for you

“Slow down
you’re doing fine
you can’t be everything you want to be before your time
though it’s so romantic on the border line tonight
too bad but it’s the life you lead
you’re so ahead of yourself
that you forgot what you need
though you can say when you’re wrong
you know you can’t always see when you’re right
you’re right
you got your passion
you got your pride
dream on but don’t imagine it’ll come true
when will you realize
vienna waits for you?”

– Billy Joel

Time does not stop for anyone
You think you have control like we think we have control over everything in life
just push a button and something happens but that is not how it works , not really..
we have very little control over the basic elements of life; birth and death but in between, oh yes, that in between allow so much unless we have been told or follow the rule that we must not reach for that heaven on earth because it has too many calories and we don’t want that big fat Buddha belly …
so one day you choose to be happy, you choose to burst out laughing not caring who is there to judge you as mad, you choose to go on that trip and see beyond the horizon and maybe there is a rainbow not only after the rain..
so one day you decide to go beyond your border, to swim a bit further risking a boat might decide to go where you swim ..
Risk everything you can because time does not stop and this is your journey, nobody else can go on this journey, they can only come along but if you wait for the world to come to you it just might happen that the world is waiting for you too..
It is summer the insects are eating everything they can and it is difficult to avoid them all the time…ouch …you cry out and feel the pain as they bite and munch every bit of you they can get near and you think, no, life is not about being like an insect , it might be about avoiding them..
only when you jump in the water you can avoid them coming near and making you suffer as a land creature you were never meant to be..

A poem – waiting
You wait
you deny waiting
maybe today
maybe tomorrow
sometimes you think
maybe yesterday
but no one is waiting
no one is expecting
anything but this moment
this moment flies out
then it is gone
it disappears
if you don’t write a poem
it might never have been there
it might never be there
and no one will know
so i am leaving you a note
in a tree
upon the wings of a butterfly
carried by a lizard
“Don’t wait”
i was here
i am here
i don’t know where i will be tomorrow
i don’t know how long this life will be
but i know i can not wait for life to begin
life has to be
or never
or there
or everywhere
with you
without you
by myself
out there
not on a shelf
not waiting like a jar
opening up
flying out
don’t try to catch me
even if you can
don’t stand in my way
find your own
dont sit
stand up and run
no one is waiting
but life
it is here and now
then it will be

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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