hurts ,love

“Love hurts love scars

love wounds and mars,

Any heart not tough

not strong enough

To take a lot of pain

take a lot of pain

love is like a cloud

holds a lot of rain

love hurts

love hurts ”

-Love hurts, Boudleau Bryant

Every cloud has a silver lining or so goes the saying and i suppose the silver lining in this evening that turned out completely different than from what i had planned earlier on is that when you feel pain , i mean physical pain, which can be located to a tooth in my case tonight or some other place, life is seen from another perspective, it is easier, it makes your priorities and choices very simply, the pain decides.

what shall i do this weekend turns from a dilemma between various possibilities to ONE: see the dentist as soon as possible .

In many ways pain is a lot like that romantic love that is driven by one object of desire only instead of being the potential source of pleasure the tooth pain is the focus point but it is still a focus point which makes life a lot easier in a world which offers so many choices.

Having a tooth pain is like living in a communist regime, the possibilities are limited and dictated by a tyrant called the painful tooth, everything you do from now on will be to serve the tyrant tooth , where you will go, what you are willing to do in order to stop the pain-anything at one point- it is so much like being in love and has many more benefits because while being in love can linger for a long time which seems sometimes unlimited, the tooth ache ends one day unless you are the sort of person that suffers and keeps avoiding the unavoidable truth of the tooth which is a lot like what happens when you are in love and deny it in order not to face the fact that you are hooked, addicted to the love subject and are no longer free from the slavery of emotions, tooth pain too enslaves and limits your life in a comfortable way which channels all thoughts and actions towards that dentist chair.

Love hurts but hurts and love are easily confused leading to the grand  question: is love a democracy or is it a tyranny?

I think if it is one sided it is a tyranny and if the subject of adoration knows it and misuses it to his or her advantage

things can get ugly…the dramatic effects are endless but in a democracy there is little drama, there is freedom of expression

and little fear to speak up , life is not in control by one side, there is a sharing of the burden ,it is like the braces some

people have to straighten their teeth, all the teeth are equally affected..there is little drama..

so tonight is the night of tyranny, the tooth is the boss, the tooth dictates what will happen next and what actiivity will be planned as soon as possible and it looks like the dentist will be the object of adoration ,at least till the tooth will heal..

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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