Da Perk

“Woman don’t cry”

-Bob Marley

The joy of jumping in the waves with Joseph and elyandra .

The goy of watching the colors of the bay; pale blue turning to   turqoise  reading “Der Steppenwolf” by Hermann  Hesse

without the reading glasses that have disappeared somewhere while camping out at the yoga place where my

blond hair shampoo and conditioner have also disappeared along with the yellow sport shoes …

this place is not about what has disappeared, this place is not a place to focus on the “have nots”

observing a young  pale skinned couple , my mind is focusing on the HAVE; the years of experience and gained

wisdom, yes, wisdom that has come at a cost but is nontheless mine to carry with me even when material

matters dissapear; shoes, glasses , essential for seeing and walking and yet , possible to do without

so i squint and read the words about the struggle between pleasure and pain  in Germany somwhere

somewhere familiar , very familiar and yet here, where the colors of the water and the houses are the works

of art so there is no need for museums and there is no real need for a book because life is slow and easy

and no one is in a hurry except for the building inspector who had given me a ride here

who is the dark skinned Bahamian twin of my brother, a building inspector, married to a principal of a school

telling me that married men are more mature and serious and hinting to affairs kept secret and i laugh

and tell him, there is nothing secret on this island, NOTHING; and this is why i like this island

with all its different characters, despite the gap between those living in huts with broken windows

and the thirsty dog walking the street yet he like everyone here seem carefree and not driven by

regrets or despair, the sun does not allow that and the view absolutely prevents any sorrow from trickling

from the forests of Vienna and its neighboring states, the state of despair, the state of worry, the state of what will the

future bring? and the state of what will become of me and what will become of this world?

Nothing penetrates the total indifference to any disturbance, there is no planning long term

except for the building inspector driving his broken down pick up truck , the plans of houses

rolled up all over the interior of his truck, the torn seats so familiar , he is busy with his telephone

calls and his places he must go and his dreams of a place where his secret love might dwell one day

while he prepares for more of the same sun and sea and even though none of the natives have ever

been seen swimming during the winter i know i will not be coming back in the summer to check if they

go in the water at all..i am becoming indifferent to any fate but my own and while i am occupied in the

traditional European self doubt and world doubt and skeptic turmoil, i take the time to breathe

take in the sweet air knowing so much more than the young people who sit and have the exact breakfast as i

a bagel with eggs and chadder cheese and i know i will not be making the same food at home nor will i ever

eat their seafood however many fish i see jumping in the air and filling the sea with an abundance not found

in the human world on land, i insist on remaining separate, a Vegeterian Jew , happy with my labels knowing

there are so few of us and yet there is a place for someone like me too

wearing my Bob Marley t shirt every day till  the t shirt has yellow rings of sweat around the neck and arms

i insist on being me with a straw hat, cheap sunglasses replaced after the German sunglasses had disappeared somewhere

where all material matters dissappear chanting to myself the slogan of the island

“It don’ t matter anyhow”

Cat Stevens is still singing and filling the air with peace train in a place where there is no public transportation

where hitchhiking is the only way to move from one place to another or walk the fields like the goats and sheep

few and yet they too insist on surviving , a tiny minority that overcomes thirst, hunger and neglect.

Cat Stevens sings strumming his guitar with great passion before Islam took him by a storm.

Joseph walks in smiling and i know it is going to be a wonderful conversation about Rumi, Nietzsche

and personal ideas about how to live life for real  in a unique noncompetitive track.

Da Perk.

By the pretty bay

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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