Run rabbit , RUN!

“A radio station in Denmark was heavily criticized by animal -rights groups after a DJ beat a baby rabbit to death with a bicycle pump live on air on May 25.Radio 24syv said the stunt was intended to “expose the vast hypocrisy surrounding our relationship with animals.”

-Time magazine.June

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. had said on such matters;

“You can’t drive away darkness by more darkness

or cure hate by more hate.”

Nonviolence is therefore the only cure for a violent society. Denmark already had a baby giraffe executed in front of zoo visitors many of them children for so called “educational purposes”

It seems to be a dangerous place for baby animals.

One day the animals will rise up and revenge the execution of their little babies if  not in this lifetime then in another..karma works..

The DJ will be reborn as a babyrabbit or better yet I wish him to come back as a carrot!

Psychopaths should not be given public positions

surely the world has known too many..

Peace Om shalom

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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