Opening the closet doors

If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”
           – Harvey Milk
(The first openly gay politician in the US in a pre recorded message before he made the speech during which he had been assassinated. )

This week has been a violent slap for peace and tolerance.
What is considered “normal” in the middle east ; stabbings in Jerusalem had not been by Muslims against the Jews but by an ultra orthodox Jewish extremist
against participants in the gay pride parade in Jerusalem.
It goes beyond reason to understand why anyone claiming to be religous would attack and hurt anyone.
Then today a new news item an Arab toddler had died in a fire at his home
suspected are Jewish  settlers.”Normal”news items would be of the Jewish settlers murdered or hurt by the Arab neighbors.
Not only is this new form of violence which had occured in the past though rarely a new phenomenon , it made headlines in the  European news channel, the EU and the state department were quick to condamn the tragic death of the 18 months old Arab toddler.
Thousands of children die terrible deaths in Syria , Saudi airplanes kill civilians by the scores, thousands of refugees fleeing Africa drown at sea amongst them children yet no one is in a hurry to condamn those deaths or prevent them.
The chilling Hebrew writing on the wall need not have been written by a Jew and supposing it will be discovered to be a Jew is that a phenomenon that is likely to reach the numbers of those killed in Syria by both sides, the refugees refused entrance to European countries drowning in illegal unsafe passage?
I have already heard the rabid talk by some Europeans about the dangers of jewish extremists who are seen as the cause of world conflicts for occupying Arab land.To condamn jews is somewhat of a built in  instinct and this tragic death is no exception.
There is no justification or excuse for any act of violence especially that of a child however why is human life of different value depending on who is suspected of the violence?
Extremists in the Muslim world cause a mass escape of refugees from violence Syrian children , Yemenite children are murdered by terrorists and extremism without shame or condemnation but let an extremist whose acts are unacceptable for 99.999% of Israelis occur and the media as well as the Arab population are in rage.
President Abbas of the Palestinian authority passionately protests and encourages the rage and uprising against so called occupiers of their land however lets not forget the same enraged Palestinian leader honoring the murderers of children and naming streets after suicide terrorists.
No, i do not think there is any way that the masses will be dancing in the streets tonight or soon or anyone handing out candy as was the case whenever Jews were murdered by Arab terrorist or during 9.11
All of the sudden violence makes  President Abbas upset
This distinguishing between Arab or Jewish or Christian victim of violence and treating it accordingly is absurd and unacceptable.
Despite diversity all living beings should be treated as equally

important. I have no doubt this isolated behavior will be seen as proof of Settlers being violent but this is just not the case statistically.
Religious instigaton of violence has been a monopoly of Muslim leaders
but I do hope the few jewish fanatics will not be influenced by the Muslim fanatics.
Hate towards those different should be stopped as soon as it appears .
The fanatics stabbing homosexuals marching in pride Asking for social acceptance and whoever caused the fatal violence on an Arab family should be dealt with harshly and punished as soon as possible .
To take  these isolated cases as proof of violence caused by zionism or religious jews is simply not reasonable however the marginal group of extremists will hopefully be dealt with effectively and the leaders caught and iolated.
The influence of religious extremism and bigotry is not limited to any religion though certainly there are some religions worse than others
however lets hope the focus will be on eliminating extremism and intolerance towards anyone .

The liberal voices must speak louder than ever to drown out the extremists
wherever they are .

If only liberal people everywhere would unite to fight extremism however liberals are also well known as  nonconformists which sadly limits our influence in contrary to the extremists who are very good at gathering their forces for a common cause.

Lets unite to call for a general condemnation of extremism everywhere not one focused on one nation especially one where extremists are a marginal minority and who has been too often been   scapegoated and demonized without reason.

Lets equally condamn religious bigotry  everywhere!

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