The gift of song

“Don’t give up on us baby
Don’t make the wrong seem right.
The future isn’t just for one night.
It’s written in the moonlight
and painted on the stars.
We can’t change ours.
Don’t give up on us baby
we’re still worth one more try
I know we let a last one by
Just for a rainy evening
when maybe stars are few
Don’t give up on us
I know
we can still come through.
I really lost my head
last night
you’ve got a right to stop believing.
There’s still a little love left even so.
Don’t give  up on us  baby
Lord knows we’ve come this far
Can’t we stay the way we are
the angel and the dreamer
who sometimes plays the fool.
Don’t give up on us baby
I know we can still come through
It’s written in the moonlight
and painted in the stars
we can’t change ours.
Don’t give up on us baby
We’re still worth one more try
I know we put a last one by
just for a rainy evening
when maybe stars are few.
Don’t give up on us baby
we can still make it through
Don’t give up on us baby.”
     – “Don’t give up on us baby”
         David Soul

It was during the late 70’s.
I don’t remember the exact year.
Maybe 1979 or 1980.
One day my mother came home all excited about a celebrity visiting her kindergarten.
My mother had been working as a therapeutic kindergarten teacher in a shelter for kindergarten aged children in Israel whose parents were drug addicts or too ill to care for them .
The children had lived in a dormitory and had attended a kindergarten where my mother was the head teacher also collecting data for the  psychologist
by interviewing them in a special child friendly technique.
The children would visit their parents once in two weeks as the connection with the parents had been encouraged.
“A father is always the father
a mother is always the mother”
she would say as an explanation but sometimes the children would come back after a weekend with their parents with cigarette burns and marks from being hit.I don’t know how my mother had handled that pain and how she had been able to comfort the children.

The celebrity who was visiting was David Soul, the handsome blond half of the popular t.v.  police detective show
“Starsky and Hutch”about two police officers investigating crime in a team made up of nordic blond David Soul and a dark curly haired Jewish actor .

It was the nonjewish half of the t.v. police team who had come to Israel to see the holy land, a deeply spiritual man he had asked the Israeli foreign ministry to allow him to visit an institution for children in difficult life situations
and the foreign ministry had chosen the kindergarten where my mother had worked.
My mother had earned a presidential honorary reward for her work with the abused children at the home along with the team and so David Soul had come to visit the children one morning carrying his guitar and bags of American candy .

David soul had confided in my mother that he had been recently divorced and had a young son he had missed seeing since his separation.
The visit with the children had moved him to tears.

My mother had recently returned from our USA adventurous life where my father had worked explaining Israel to Americans
and assisting immigration of Jews, had been given the task of escorting David Soul on his visit and translating from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.
David had brought American  candy to the children and sang them songs playing his guitar.

My mother told us all about his visit her eyes shining.
The children most probably never saw the popular t.v. show but were excited at meeting the beautiful American.
America at that time was a dream everyone wanted to touch.
David soul had brought the children some moments of uplifting joy in their otherwise difficult lives.
My mother also remembered the visit
as a highlight in her life.
She was profoundly impressed by David soul’s sensitivity towards the children. She hsd told us he had been so profoundly touched by the children he had openly wept.

My father had just been diagnosed with terminal illness around that time and as he battled cancer for the next two years this song of hope must have also helped him.
Every time I hear this song there are tears in my eyes , tears of deep gratitude for there being such beautiful beings in this world who bring soul full experiences to help those struggling in difficult situations never to give up.

Thank you David Soul
wherever you are
for the gift of  this  song.

I recall your tears
the healing source
of love
you bring out
through the song
a gift
from the deepest
within the sacred soul.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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