Ode to the man who drives the bus

Kevin drives the red bus
in  our ittle town
he always smiles
then waves goodbye
“what are you up to tonight?”
I ask
“Two to three beers”
Kevin says
and I answer silently
“two to three books”.

“It’s good to be older”
I comment recalling
the day we both
discovered it was time
for reading glasses
on  the same day.

“Fireworks  tonight?”
I ask.
Kevin shakes his head
“two to three beers and early
to bed”
and I say
“me too
two to to three blogs
and I’ll call it a day.”
“Happy national day”
I call out
as Kevin beeps the horn joyfully
the mountains turn from brown
to purple
as the sun sets silently.

*nicht means “no” in German.
**swiss national day is . 1st of August

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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