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About angels

When you feel sad That life is unfair Your prayers have gone unanswered You’re scared You need to be held When you feel You failed on earth There is always Someone who Has been with you Since birth. another Might … Continue reading

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Hey It’s ok If you feel this way; You Who might be feeling ; Alone Sad Blue These cuddly hugs Are especially for You!! Look, learn And definitely Do! Sentimental seagull. P.S They say baby monkies die without being hugged … Continue reading

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How to look good?Let me count the ways

This morning this photo caught my eye concerning several matters.. 1)Cyberspace privacy: Bordering exhibitionism there is this tendancy of some people  to post these sort of photos to total strangers; though if i go swimming in the lake  here in … Continue reading

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Watch “Elvis Presley – Let It Be Me (with lyrics)” on YouTube

God knows i love this man! A tribute to a king who left us so many beautiful words! Always on my mind!

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The little things matter the most

Look at me Small Yet an entire world A universe. Do not neglect To see Do not forget To remember To look and see Me!

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Know no noise

Listening to a duck, Hearing the wind, Dog curled up in the tall grass Hiding . A train passes, Birds talk. Here is our shelter; Refugees of a city, Taken over by noise. We are here to reclaim The simple … Continue reading

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Watch “”Let it be me”” on YouTube

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When everything is made to be broken-the poem

Broken hearts Feel more Abandoned souls Open wide the door The insistance To be More loving Is the only path the only way For you And me.

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Swiss migration minister does not see any refugee emergency as an  issue to be discussed at this time however apparently similarities to  WW2 do come up as Eriterian smugglers kept blood money in Swiss banks and the Swiss authorities know … Continue reading

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Street parade -lessons learned

“When they’re trying to drive you out of town twirl a baton make it look like a parade.” Street parade switzerland: Loud music is sounded from loudspeakers¬† resembling constant head hammering which can be useful in regimes where rape is … Continue reading

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