How to look good?Let me count the ways


This morning this photo caught my eye concerning several matters..
1)Cyberspace privacy:
Bordering exhibitionism there is this tendancy of some people  to post these sort of photos to total strangers; though if i go swimming in the lake  here in Europe there are total strangers in their birthday suits but there is something i find disturbing in this emphasis of physicality.
Especially as a yogi i find this is as unbalanced as excess mind but whereas writing and reading expands my mind these sort of photos say ;LOOK.AT ME!
The guy also said he avoids eating carbs which i am not sure is balanced either.
Extreme exercise and extreme diets worry me as an adult because i wonder about LONG TERM EFFECTS.
During yoga teachers training we practiced deep breathing by lifting our shirts a bit..of course there were young women with stomachs as flat as a surfboard but then again not everyone and i decided back then never to compare my tummy which is not flat to others.
The goal.of  proper exercise and proper diet is for me to find a proper body-mind balance.
It is not easy but i am tired of the internet and film industry and the competitive sports advertising ONE body type.
No.we are diverse.
As a person who has to monitor  her proper exercise and proper diet i try not to be extreme because my goal is mind-body balance.
I wonder if it is possible to ever be happy constantly working out to be super thin and pumping muscles.
It may come easy to some and certainly of a certain age and gender however enough of these advertisements for body focused life.
A human being is made up of a mind and a body;lets not do  without both.

2.)Eating disorders and distorted  body image lead to un necessary occupation with controlling weight.
The media causes these widespread plagues of low self esteem by presenting so called IDEALS.
We are not all alike and most people don’t look like bikini models but then people have various gifts apart from how they look.
This obsession with how we look drives too many people to abuse diet pills to eat unhealthy and is not the role models for the new generation.

It is time to say NO to narcisstic photo sharing of body parts but to say absolutely NO to body obsessed posts whether of famous people or strangers seeking fame by lifting their shirts.

If you can see ribs and there is too little fat this is also bad for fertility both extremes are.

Lets seek balance and say no to excess physiciality.

The body is the temple of the soul.
The mind controls us not the body.

I hope this irritates people enough to speak out more about those :”perfect bodies”…

We may not have perfect bodies but we can be perfectly nice to ourselves and not strive to feel bad if we can not compete in a swim suit competition,
Just try to enjoy the water not measure the fish all the time ,
Listen to your body when it tells you it needs spiritual nourishment a few good words every now and then..

“The essential is hidden from the eye”
   -The little prince

Let me add my admiration for discipline this guy has but i think he just has goals most people older and not as gifted will never compete with nor should they.

I began corresponding with the guy in the photo and have come to realize that my feelings about competition were influencing me to becoming overly judgemental in this case so i now chose the stretegy of asking him questions instead.

If you struggle with self esteem and body image limit your intake of hollywood films ,fashion magazines and connect to spiritual places;work on your mind first of all.
This is how Rocky did it.
Lets all do our personal best..or try to compete with ourselves as my Tai Chi master teaches.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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