Offline-on life?


Imagine there’s no mobile phone
No whatsapp ,no Instagram
No Facebook or google plus
Imagine all the people
Communicating here and now.
You may say i’m a dreamer
But i’m not the only one
Let me just google some
And the world will be as one.
   -variation on “Imagine”
Seagull B.

Source: The swiss daily news
“Tages Anzeiger.
Translated from German to English by Seagullanding.

A brave Swiss teacher had decided to forbid smartphones
On a camping trip.
These days teenagers and many adults  communicate only through the internet often isolated in front of a screen.
During the camp the teenagers played card games with eachother

The teenagers had spent one week without computer IPad.

The hiking in the Glacier area was more difficult than giving up the phone,the teenagers reported.

The experiment forced the teenagers to spend together in their  immediate social group rather than chat with strangers which is often the case.

The teachers leading the camp observed the change in the behavior of the teenagers who stayed at the table and played card games rather than go off to the room to listen to music on the headphones.
The teenagers had listened to ghost stories and spent more time here and now with others.

Many teenagers are used to falling asleep with music from their mobile phones but then they had learned to cope and adapt and managed somehow to live offline.

It would be a good idea to shut off the phone and attempt 24 hours without the phone.
Religious people often shut off all electrical machines during 24 hours of the sabbath day or during holidays.
It is a good time to clear the mind and disconnect from the overload of too much information.

During Sivananda  Yoga teachers training we had only one area where one could connect to the internet in the meditation hall.
Interesting enough with time i learned to gradually let go of the need to read the news or emails and found myself living in a world of inner peace.
Detachment is difficult but possible with practice and when the alternative to internet connection means true real life connection it is even more attractive.

According to German study one is defined as addicted to the mobile phone when one checks the phone more than 60 times a day.
Another criterion for addiction is anger and conflict when consumption of internet is reduced.
In Switzerland 4-5%of youth are addicted to the phone.
A good tip for the addicted is to shut phone off after 22.00 or use an alarm clock to limit surfing time.

Life is short,how we want to spend it should be up to us not allowing addictions to isolate or limit us.

Having said that we all know if you are reading these lines what an amazing global village we have become and for those living in communities where they lack communication the internet is a blessing .
How to use the internet though is a matter to reconsider especially concerning children whose brains are still developling and also for adults whose neural pathways change according to habits too.

Peace light and love
Off and online!

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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