The truth at last


Truth is
Most people prefer to live
Lives filled with lies,
Not to know what goes on
If they  see someone spending time
putting together the broken bits
They call it crazy.

The truth is
Most people live lives of denial
Of their own truth
Where it is impossible to hide
Within a bottle of beer
Within another person’s life
Within a dramatic pointless way
A constant delay
Not to see
Not to hear
What is most near
The speaking self.

Fortunately there is yoga
Reconnecting inner bits
Refitting what no longer fits
Repolishing that apple
Till it shines.

It never was about Adam or eve
It was the snake that had led
To the tree of knowledge
Where you have to struggle
To find yourself
No longer lost in other people’s ideas of heaven
Nor living their lies.

Far from the maddening crowds
There are stars in the sky
To guide you
But you can only see stars
In the dark
And you can only live
not following fright
Not being afraid of
the dark places

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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