October festival in Germany-my version




Man sollte alle tage wenigstens ein kleines lied hören,ein gütes Gedicht lesen,ein treffliches Gemälde sehen und ,wenn es möglich zu machen wäre ,einige vernünftige worte sprechen.”         -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

“One should every day at least hear one little song ,read a good poem ,see a fine painting ,and if it would be possible ,to speak a few sensible words.”
    -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Well known German poet.

European civilization is unique because it is the only civilization which has imposed itself on the rest of the world.It did it by conquest and settlement ;by its economic power;by the power of its ideas;and because it had things that everyone else wanted.”

“At its beginning European civilization was made up of three elements:
1.the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.
2.Christianity ,which is an odd offshoot of the religion of the Jews,Judaism.
3.The culture of the German warriors who invaded the Roman empire.
European culture today is a mixture .
“Science was a European invention.”

– “The shortest history of Europe.”
   By John Hirst

I bought this book mainly to fill in the gaps of my knowledge as well as to fill in the gaps of knowledge of this book that omits Islamic and Asian influences in every field including Science.

I spent my early years learning family history
Then American history;
The expeditions ,the settlements,the war of independance against the British empire, The civil war in great detail then as we moved ;the middle east,the history of religious wars and so i have some gaps in European history..

If you want to know a person then you should know their history and the same goes for understanding the background of where you live.

I think everyone should study history NOT from the various media but books however the reliability of the sources might differ,always read every book of history with a grain of salt.

It is better than to read a journalist account aiming to sum up events in one or two pages to a wide audience.

“Whoever does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.”

I am here to pick up a pair of reading glasses
Then i notice men in
Short leather pants
Women in pretty country fair dresses ,floral with white lace
The days are October festival
Which mean lots of beer
Traditions rule
And so i follow my own tradition
And seek a bookstore.
Safe within the printed pages.

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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