Buddha befriended




Today my Tai chi master told a story:
A business man asked the Buddha
What do i gain from meditation?
Buddha answered the business man
“You gain nothing from meditation but you lose a lot;
You lose depression
You  lose stress.

Tai chi
As i change clothes a Swiss German lady walks in,i don’t think there is a nation that knows how to exclude “the other”so well as the Swiss Germans though of course ALL groups exclude “the other”even domesticated dogs i admire so much always regroup “two against one”when “the other”walks in..
Usually i have my shield “a book”so i don’t stare into space while the women chat away at the speed of grandmothers  knitting
Scarves,ta ta ta ta ta ta,back and forth their voices laugh and unite in a national treasure their nearly impossible language to imitate..
I recall last sunday’s vote
“Extreme right wing(SVP) my thoughts hit them like bullets but they carry a better shield;lots of experience living in a  European bubble ,their tiny aquarium where none may enter..
Do i even want to speak their chopped up version of German?The females forever speaking in high cheerful chirps ..chirp chirp they tweet..
What to do?
My Tai chi teacher is still sipping his tea resting from his previous training..no book,my phone battery empty,i plug the phone in the wall and do what kept me alive from grades 1-12 and  and University too..i draw myself a bubble,my
form of meditation,drawing tracing objects or scenes.
Meditation has many forms  and i lose a lot;
My anger,
My sense of isolation
I am one with the page and i am losing my negativity striving past impermenant towards losing all and gaining a sense of true self.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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