Auyverda adieu

If only they amitted that it is about faith and traditions and not a science,
If only the prestigious professor had not filled the black board with sanskrit words nobody but him and the translator understood,
If only the professor was not so charming and smiled beautifully while talking about diagnosing diseases to an audience that did not receive a clear outline of what causes what because no one understand,
If only the professor had not asked questions only him and the translator could answer because it demanded fluency in Sanskrit and Ayuverda,
If only i did not get a huge migrane whose cause indiagnosed was the stress of sitting and being bombarded by scores of sanskrit terms that mean nothing to me and who explain clearly and mathematically every disorder as though medicine was Math,
If only the professor had not said “scientists were unexceptional people”and the Indian wise men thousands of years before were exceptional and knew more than modern science.
If only the professor then brought two examples of two great scientists for no reason at all except to talk about madame Curie and Newton without any connection to anything,like what is the connection?where is the logic?
He could have recited poetry in sanskrit for all that matter and i like sanskrit but i really need a person who talks from 9.00 to 18.00 only stopping to answer questions to make sense,
This is how ancient Indians did it was never a good reason for me.
My ancient people also did things,the bible says but it does not mean i am going to place my baby on the Nile river or live in a tent in the Negev desert.THINGS
CHANGE for good and bad.
Science is bad when it does not comply with logical guidelines in testing theories or used to harm others or to develope atom bombs (in my opinion ) however it does not mean polio vaccination is bad or modern diagnosis methods.
If i go to the doctor complaining of a headache and other symptoms i want a blood test to check my sugar and iron and blood pressure because i dont live in biblical Israel or India 3,000 years ago.
I love ancient writing and Lao Tsau and Patanjali  and king David’s psalms and what they all said is relevent today because human nature obviously has not changed and yes there were wise people living thousands of years ago but if i have low blood pressure i want blood tests and laboratory tests not poetry read and methods that predate microscopes..
So it is goodbye Adieu Ayurveda
I became ill with the cognetive dissonance ,i am really sorry mambo jumbo critical thinking has ruined me for weird theories of people being divided to fire water and air ,earth,tomatoes or raisins.
It is just too simple to have ready made answers,my mind asks and if indeed the mind is the most powerful thing on earth as the prestigious professor says,why not use it properly and think for yourself instead of repeat sanskrit like  a parrot?
I was never good at memorizing words but human memory is limited and 50 sanskrit words a day is more than this simple minded seagull can learn.I learned my lesson not to place blimd faith
In people who wear a smile too often and if i want to listen to stories i better buy an audio book.
I like Indian culture but i can not deal with a tsunami of new words in a foreign language with no clear goal or use.
I guess you learn from everything.
Sometimes you need to count your losses;a weekend of sanskrit and roll the magic carpet and fly homewards where my music is playing and sanskrit words are set to sitar music  in  spiritual songs not written on blackboard and quizzed before being introduced..

I also googled Ayuerveda and it isn’t showing any significant improvement in patients according to logical evaluation tools we have called science.
Me and science are good friends,it does not lie and admits to mistakes and does not ask to be memorized,it has logic that makes life seem somehow make sense.

Adieu Ayurveda.
Hello critical thinking .
30 people and not one raised doubts or skepticism ,this is the negative side of groups ,they tend to agree but i am one to never compromise individual thinking nonconformist that does not do what everybody else does  and never follow fashion or popular trends.
Too late to sell my soul
It is not on the market .

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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