Ayurveda -Day 1

“Life is made of the connection between body,sense organs ,soul and the self.”
      -Caraka Samhita Su. I.42
“The soul,mind and body are like three leggs of a chair ;the world is the result of their combination ,they make up every life form.”
– Caraka Samhita Su. I.46.

Ayurveda is the  Indian knowledge of life.
Ayur means life in Sanskrit
Veda- means knowledge in sanskrit.
A nonscientific science with looking at a person made up of body soul and mind.
“We are always online “,said the Indian professor and Ayurveda doctor,we are always connected to others even when we feel alone.

Operation techniques  in India documented thousands of years ago in ancient writing translated from sanskrit long before surgery techniques in  Europe and even longer than then before writing .

The ancient wise Indians did not publish papers with their names
It was a selfless contribution.
The focus was on the person
Looking at a human being even before conception as made up of mind body and soul.

The professor with charming smile
Wearing a bright yellow tie  ,a gold pen in his  jacket breast  pocket ,proves the existence of soul very much like a geomatrical proof in three steps.
Really?the enfant terrible in me chooses the alternative attitude and what if there is no soul and we are only body and mind?
I will ask for the proof again tomorrow but the question is what consequence is it for us ?
Seems to me the soul is a empty  basket where religion/poetry/mystique belief systems placed their ideas.

It seems very important for the professor that we accept the not really science as a superior than science science so we ,nurses,mothers,teachers co dependents, computer -Buddhist scholar ,pleasers accept the geomatrical proof;the soul exists though we never saw one disected in a laboratory,nobody has ever seen atoms either..

Meditation calms the mind allows to connect to the soul by shutting off body and mind input.

Right after i had first met the Indian  professor of Ayurveda and was convinced to join his course i kept running into Indian people,is it a coincidence?!
Two graduate  Biology students from Bengalore sat next to me at a fast food establishment eating a vegeterian sandwhich ,yes,they  had been brought up on the Ayurveda tradition as babies  but one said if there was a serious disease you consulted a nonayurveda doctor.
Then tourists and finally a pair of  newlyweds,the man  from India ,the woman second generation Sri lanka  who live relatively near by and say it is more for the elderly.
But the man practices  pranayama (alternative nose breathing)
They are holding a boxed pizza and my stomach recalls the bad fast food i had eaten just before as though i was betraying my class a group of vegeterian-vegan women and one bearded small computer man/Buddhist scholar.

The truth will indeed piss you off when you begin to comprehend how everything is  connected like Lego building blocks .

As the professor said
“We are never really offline.”
He also asked how old mankind is and wrote 100,000 years in white chalk on the blackboard,(i guessed a couple of millions )that’s how old the bones found ,he said.
I later sat at a fast food establishment and googled :
“1.8 million years,according to a skull found by a Swiss scientist”
It occured to me that now with google i could google any information i wish to know even Ayurveda but it also occured to me that meditation for me comes much easier in a like minded group  than alone .Learning is best done in groups because we do learn from eachother.

Meditation,the professor had said comes a gradual process  ,we have to work at learning to quiet  the mind and thought waves.

The mind is the most poweful thing in the universe,he said,no wonder it feels  like controlling a tsunami sometimes..

I look foreward to day 2 with mixrd feelings;
What will the day bring?

Yesterday a tall pretty young German  woman began analyzing which type of Air/fire/earth element  i am and confessed a suicidal father and a verbally abused husband and walked away angrily saying i had overloaded her.
All i talked about was the holocaust..


(Soya milk at the school for Ayurveda slot machine!!cool!)
The clocks  had been moved this morning and i move around like a drunk mouse not finding the direction ..
“Please wait”the professor says is our mantra.
Please wait! I tell my mind.
All good things come in time.
Ayurveda om.
At the end of the class the professor leads us in a chant
“Om shanti”
Which means peace.
Please wait.

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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