Ammunition hill


“My heart is in the east

but my body in the west.”

-Yehuda Halevi

Ammunition hill was a fortified Jordanian military post in the northern part of Jordanian occupied East Jerusalem and a western slope of Mount Scopus. It was the site of one of the fiercest battles of the six day war.

The Jordanian Arab league seized control of it in 1948 severing the link between mount scopus and west Jerusalem.

The battle began at 2 a.m. and ended at the break of day, once it was captured the way to occupied Mount Scopus and Haddasha hospital was cleared.

There is a small museum telling the story of this battle where 36 Israeli soldiers and 71 Jordanian soldiers had lost their lives.

Then in 1967 the Israelis who were fighting for the existence of Israel invaded by all the neighbouring armies were seen as young lions and heros and many came from Europe to volunteer on Kibbutzim and praised Israel, now all that has changed and the Israelis are seen as occupiers..

My personal memories of the area is walking to the university on nice sunny  days from a shared apartment i had rented in a near by  neighbourhood.

When you walk there on a  bright sunny day the skies are deep  blue, the special lime stone Jerusalem houses are built of shine in the sun, it is a heart expanding experience, the lungs take in more air and watching the various people who make up Jerusalem walk by, the Arabs, the orthodox Jews , and us regular secular  people without special clothing or defining exterior markings ,wondering  how is it possible that all   live together?!

This afternoon a young man was stabbed by a Palestinian his age in the area of ammunition hill, it was a strategic point in the battle to reunify Jerusalem but it seems that the battle is not over.

The Arabs have an idea that Jerusalem belongs to them alone and will not share, they are sent to those places spreading terror however while the Arabs have 22 countries, where are the Israeli Jews  supposed to go ?

As i sat talking to two Swiss strangers the other night at a local cafe   ,one later revealed himself as a Jew, they mocked Israelis living in an area where they do not belong, the archeological evidence of an Israeli culture living there thousands of years before was unconvincing and suspicious to them. The Arabs have rights , the Jews are thieves is how they see it.

The main point is that Israel is there, there was a co existence that was not there during the time Jordan had occupied the area not allowing the Jews entrance to their holy places.

A valid question is what is a holy place in the first place and what is the necessity of it?

A holy place is a spiritual center that unites  people in a common faith.

The Arab world has its spiritual center in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca and Medina and god help anyone trying to claim those places however it is beyond comprehension why the Jews have to give up their right to their ONE spiritual center?

It is not about religion but it is about respecting the Jews’ basic human rights to a home and it is about stopping the conspiracy theories, and to inform oneself about Judaism, the only one of the three main world religions that did not force others to convert or that sought to occupy territories.

Just look at the map at the so called occupied territories that has the British Academics association in an uproar and you will need to borrow a microscope to see them on the map, then take a look at the size of Saudi Arabia, even Jordan..

This fear that Israel will reoccupy its historical places from which the Jews were send to exile is based on a hate encouraged by extremism and political systems that did not tolerate the Jews.

While it is true that the Jews got the recognition for statehood in 1948 following the holocaust it is also for practical reasons that Europe should encourage Zionism and the Jews living in their own country , otherwise there will be many Europeans who will have to give the Jews back their homes taken over during the Nazi occupation and the Arab world has not even begun to attempt to compensate its jews for throwing them out or making their lives unbearable with violence still not spoken about.

There is no clear Justice in the world towards minorities of all kinds but it is time to stop this hypocritical judgment of Israel and presenting it as an occupying force when history clearly states and shows it that it was the Arabs who had occupied the Jewish historical homeland and any attempts to appease their many demands have still not been met with good will on their side.

Just stop attacking Hamas, the Swiss Jew called Daniel said , he often goes  to Rammalah help them organise sport events, he said.

Did he know the fate of the two Israelis who got lost there one day and got lynched by a mob that ate their body parts and later rewarded as heros ?!

Does the Swiss have any idea what it is like to live with exploding buses and stabbings in public places ?

Is this what the Jews deserve when coming to claim back their historical homeland ?

Where will the Arabs go?

To Germany?

The fact is that there are several Arab lands that keep the same traditions religion and mentality so why is it seen as such a tragedy when they do not have another land in which human rights are not kept , women abused and minorities threatened or killed?

Meanwhile the cycle of violence seems to only get worse, one side causes the other to act in violence and the cycle seems not to stop at any time soon but what will it take for it to finally stop?

Sharing , living in peace, accepting borders and to try to each act to work to improve one’s own society so that women and minorities can live and thrive and people free to learn a wide spectrum of opinions and to learn critical thinking instead of only  being sent to battles .

If i mention this it will be seen as a provocation. The Arabs are seen as the only people with rights to the lands, and any facts that interfere with that are rebuked as Jewish arrogance on the part protesting .

Why would any nation choose war when it can choose peace?

But first get the facts right, who was there, who bought lands and whose homes were occupied and then see who attacks whom.

There is no justification for stabbing people in the street, there is no justification for deciding to wage a war on Israel and take back land that does not belong to the Arab nation and never did and that the Jews were generously willing to share but never could agree just how much is enough.

I do not understand how Europeans can be blind to the type of violence Israel has to live with and i do see from here and now how it must have traumatised and influenced all sides involved.

For many young Europeans of my generation there was no war, except those living in former Yoguslavia,Russia and Ukraine but if i count the number of wars i have lived through and this is with  several years spent away  in the US and in Europe there are just not enough fingers on both hands.

Many just seek thought of how to ever go back and repair the damage.

For war to end there must be intention to end it, and appeasing violent uncompromising extremists never worked so far throughout history.

It is not about co existence any more , it is about the right to exist at all and that means tolerance, a word so foreign in extreme religious culture that seeks to occupy the entire region and more.

I think of my friend from the University who went to Arab villages to teach  theater  there during the years i had been away and i regret i was not there with her, and yet i wonder as we read the news coming in from the middle east, where will the spark of hope come from ?

When will people stop violence and greed and accept that the Jews too have a basic human right to their historical homeland .

It is not about the west bank or settlements anymore , it is about Jerusalem becoming another Muslem city where Jews where  not allowed to live and have no security living as prisoners of violence in their own one place on earth which they claim as theirs .

I wish i could say who cares if it is Muslem or Jewish or Christian however as it was in history and as it is now the Muslems do not seem to want to share anything not even a temple mount and this intolerance forces the Jews to fight unfortunately again and again for their basic right to own land.

Whose land is it?

You can argue with archeology and history but no nation in this planet has gotten its land without a battle, the question is at which point of time can it be accepted that Israel has a right to exist?

I am rereading my Ghandi lessons for life and think about how it is possible to love an enemy that stabs you in the front and back ?

I know that it is impossible for me to generalise hate towards people but it is also impossible for me to ignore a certain attitude of lack of tolerance of human rights and women rights.

There is still so much work to be done so that women , half the population of the world or more, and minorities of all kinds can have basic human rights but it is a fight, so how can we claim peace is enough and we can sit crossed legged and ignore all that is still to be done?

I look around and do not see anyone i can expect to understand my feelings, the religious jews have long ago given up on me joining their forces, the secular jews here are busy selling on christmas markets and the nonconformists are in their nonconformists zones, where i can not see them nor can they see me, hiding in a bunker of bubble life .

So i am far from Ammunition hill and its historical battle and from the stabbing in the back, here it is easy to turn your back to everyone,

and i need to remind myself not to.

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