If you don’t and if you do


There used to be a short stocky often drunk German man taking the young blond boy on a bike, later on , one night while waiting at the bus station obviously intoxicated he began to babble on about how his son , then around 5 years old, is too much of a pussy, and is not a real man because he does what his mother says and tells her secrets men should keep..

I waited in the rain for the night bus to take me home and i am hearing him go on and on , a popeye dressed in jeans, works as a cook in some restaurant married to a woman of Spanish origin who always changes hair color, she always seems sad and troubled, rarely can they all be seen together.

Then there is the grandmother, an elderly woman, plump and maternal looking with her hair always styled and fluffed with hair spray , dressed in dignified dresses carrying a handbag like the queen of England.

More often than not the grandmother who speaks Spanish and German at the same time can be seen picking up the young boy, delicate looking and pale and  frail , a bespectacled young professor deep in his thoughts, sometimes carrying a toy truck he makes sounds of  engine roaring quietly, obedient always staying close to the mother and grandmother.

Recently the mother still sad looking can be seen at the local kiosk sometimes smiling to customers selling them mostly  ice-cream, chewing gum and cigarettes .  

The trio can be seen most days meeting to unite forces, the elderly lady carrying a handbag, her hair fluffed and her clothes immaculate, the sad looking daughter her long hair changing from purples to black to silver striped her long face worried, and the young boy, now almost as tall as his grandmother, dressed in a blue jacket, now listening to something with headphones , half way through elementary school .

Night falls as the three walk home together .united. 

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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