Important:Girls and boys lives matter!


Apparently  the struggle of refugees from impoverished lands does not end having reached western countries.
In Switzerland there are thousands of girls and women in danger of genetilia mutilation.
Statistcs say 14,700 girls and women in comparison to 6,600 in 2001.
The refugees come mostly from Eritrea and Somalia whetr 89-98% of women have genitelia mutilation .
In Switzerland the law sees it as serious bodily harm but does it reach courts of law and does it act as a deterant ?
Genetilia mutilation means cutting off the clitorid and parts of the genetilia with a goal of keeping virginity to marriage.
A  Somalian woman tells how she had been cut at the age of six and still suffered years later .


Another sad story is of 4 year old Mohamed who had disappeared at the beginning of the month now found dead in Berlin after he had been kidnapped and the security cameras captured the man walking away with the boy.

The west is not always a paradise.
The problems of the cultures that abuse girls and women do not go away unless education informs people of the need to stop hurting the girls for traditions.
Wars and political conflicts distract from the social issues swept beneath the carpet of ignorance.
I sit listening to two workmen from foreign countries i am not sure of speak of women.One is sad his girlfriend rejects him,they laugh ,they live very simple lives
Women,drink,eat..but too many people just do not see beyond their lives .
Be the change you want to see in the world i tell myself and realize it is in education .
So many people think that by changing their countries the problems will go away,more opportunities will come their way,more money earned however when i now consider that the noisy colorful seemingly group of Somalians i see on the bus contains so much sorrow ,and the sad bit is the ignorance,the lack of ability to see beyond harmful traditions.
It is said ignorance is bliss but here is proof that it is not.
Let us hope the western countries realize that the foreigners are not only work force, behind the kebab stands,trucks,cleaning team are human beings who need help.

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