Prayer is for the soul what nourishment is for the body” 

The creator is revealed to the heart, not to the eye, thou will find thy god within  thy  bosom , walking gently within thine heart.”

where, lord, will i find you :

your place is high and obscured

And where won’t i find you :

your glory fills the world.

You dwell deep within –

you fixed the ends of creation .

You stand, a tower for the near

refuge to those far off.

You’ve lain above the ark here

yet live in the highest heaven.

Exalted amongst your hosts;

although beyond their hymns-

no heavenly realm

could  ever contain you ,

let alone a chamber within.

In being borne above them

on an exalted throne

you are closer to them

than their breath and  skin .

Their mouths bear witness for them ;

that you alone gave them form

Your kingdom’s  burden is theirs

who wouldn’t fear you ?

and who could fail

to search for you –

who sends down food when it is due?

I sought your nearness

with all my heart i called you

And in my going out to meet you ,

I found you coming towards me,

as in the wonders of your might

and holy works i saw you

who would say he hasn’t seen

you glory as the heavens’

hordes declare

their awe of you

without a sound being heard ?

But could the lord, in truth

dwell in men on earth ?

How would men you  made

from the dust and clay

fathom your presence there

enthroned upon their praise?

The creatures hovering over

the world praise your wonders-

your throne borne high

above their heads,

as you bear all forever.”

-Yehuda Halevi

Translated by Peter Cole


*Yehuda Halevi was a Spanish Jewish Physician , philosopher, poet

born in 1071 is perhaps the most well known in his sufi like writing. He made a pilgrimage to Israel and died there. Legends say he was run over by a horseman.

As i read Ayurveda i am discovering that not only Indian but Jewish too sought unity of body , soul, mind and heart in healing.

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2 Responses to where

  1. Vibrant says:

    How beautiful this hymn to divine is!
    Thanks for introducing Yehuda Halevi to us 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

  2. seagullsea says:

    Thank you for reading.
    I just attended an Ayurveda course that though lacking in representation made me aware of a world that is very similar in its depth to Judaism, twin souls i would say, in the quest for depth and connection to creation.
    I have just recently rediscovered this poet while seeking a quote! There are many poems to read and like. I hope you enjoy reading .

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