California dreaming

Even before the bodies of the dead are cold,they descend and prey upon INFORMATION ,names,street addresses..
Even before the bodies are called the California Moslem association whose acronym is ironically CAIR ..
All of the sudden after remaining silence when Radical Islam murders and beheads in the middle east,Europe and Africa ,
NOW they stand in their finest brsuits,a traditionally dressed Moslem woman covered from head to toe declares how sorry they all are after gun men take over a social center and gun down workers and clients ;developly challenged people ,murdered.
THEY did not see the Facebook posts,they did not see and hear incitement on the social media,the finger of blame ALWAYS pointed somewhere else..
They ,the honorable men and women praticing Islam did not see or hear the hateful incitement or the murders taking place daily maybe  because they were silent and maybe because they did not care as long as it did not threaten their little sunny oasis in California but now the FB ,the social media,El Jazeera,the blame always pointed somewhere else and the constant claim that THEY are the victims.
They can not fight extremism so they flee to the west,
They can not speak up
They can not use free speech because of this and because of that and they can not see American soldiers coming home in coffins or with  broken bodies exploding in the lands practicing the religion of peace where soldiers come home piece by piece..
Now the circus begins,the priests stand side by side supporting their silent colleagues because they too are silent when it is time to speak up and denounce evil they ignore it  not realizing how they help evil by not speaking up when people are murdered for skin color or religion or gender or life style or any reason or if truth be told NO REASON,then they are silent..

I am grateful not all religious leaders were there defending the silence of religious leaders when violence erupts as a result of a religious teaching.

It is definitely way too late for all those who died in California and Mali and Paris and Jerusalem and everywhere just because hate is not met with a LOUD OPPOSITION
It is time to abandone all religions who think you can be silent when Moslems kill people in another country but not when it is in your community.

Time to leave all the silent accepting of misery and pain for financial gain and live without failed leaders deaf blind and dumb in face of violence ELSEWHERE somewhere you do not obviously care enough to strongly condamn.

Enough hypocricy of dress coded god followers and it is time for a good hard look at the flies of the media ,the “generosity”of zuckerberg  that gives a forum and a venue for every fascist online and time to shut down every church and mosque and temple that silently accepts the killing of “the other”and offers no real values to live by in courage to speak out and denounce all division,separation ,repression which ARE typical of too many religious institutions silent to atrocity and sugar coating hate as they feed their followers “we are better” poison.
We are not better
We are not kind
We are not good hearted
And we need to develope critical thinking and stop feeding the flies of the media a daily  fresh kill and the religious institutions who have nothing to teach and offer no role model should resign and stop the circus acts and interviews for the flies of the media.
Close down the doors and admit you have failed miserably to lead anyone towards salvation because silence in face of violence is a sin only closing down All religious institutions can repair.
Do not allow religion to prey upon your souls ,
Pray at home
Let your heart guide you to say no to violence and hypocricy of society!

Finito la comedia

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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