They will and you can- poetical paradigm

They will drink your blood
But only if you let them,
They will eat your very heart
But only if you allow them,
They will destroy your shelter
And peace of mind
But only if you sit with them,

eat with them ,drink and speak with them.
They will mock and laugh at you
As you see them for who they are;
Users of others,
Destroyers of worlds
And you need to know them

For who they truly are

And run when you see them
Come too near.
For you will never change them
But they will attempt to:

drink your life force,

your joy and your dreams of a good life

where everything grows and loves
And not wishes to kill and to benefit from an opportunity gained when someone looks away
And does not see it heading
His way.
They are a truck that will run you down
But only if you stand on the road
Looking back
Instead of walking away from the valley of death where they dwell
In the land of shadows
Where life is stolen
And used and they are never ever full
Their empty bellies seeking
More innocent lives
To use
To live off
As they appear to be living real good;
Always laughing
But at somebody’s expense
Never alone on the bar
Where misery loves company
And the bar tender counts his cash
As the living dead pay his way.
The drunks
They are the  thieves of life
You can and should
Head for the hills
And run and never
Look back at the ache
Knowing them left.
In time you will forget
As long as you don’t seek
Another just like the one before
And before that..
The living dead
Who drink your life away

 leave you wandering:
Why you allowed them
To get so near?

After it became
Oh,all too clear?

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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