Beyond ABBA

“In Waterloo i was defeated.”
         -ABBA’s first big hit
Time stood still for a while,there you were 12,13 years old wearing your hair like the blond in ABBA,and the poster moved apartments till it finally ripped in two.
Years later,you stopped caring about hair so much and while focused on learning and improving your mind ABBA returned to haunt your dreams,a Swedish man came bringing with him Benny and Bjorn,smiling a frozen icy Swedish smile,the accent,the clear blue eyes and though he was a melancholic Bergman film fan and though he clearly had issues,it was too tempting to pass over an opportunity to jump in the ABBA jet and fly away.
What would it be like to reside in Stockholm amongst the pretty people with doll like faces,frozen smiles ,vikings celebrating life with simple slogans ,elks and bells and snow and lots of red knitted scarfs and patterns of snowflakes.
There would be no smells,no noise,only the icing on the cake,snow language,frozen people behind glass,untouchable,beyond reach like distant stars who can not be held only watched.
The Swedish man returned to the northern lights and you went another way compromising on another cold untouchable culture behind glass.
One day you got tired of pressing your nose on the glass,the heat made the view foggy and the cold froze your fingers,you let it go..
“Keep in touch”wrote the Swedish man,a man of few words that like the lyrics of ABBA entertained for a few minutes and then were easily forgotten.
The day you had realized there was no hidden meaning,that the snow was all you will ever know of Sweden was the day of your liberation from childish nostalgic notions .
ABBA broke up,and so did the ice upon the memory of a short blond man with a round face and cat like eyes who never had too much to say except worry a lot about being too attached to one place too much,a viking legacy or a personal scar that made it easy to let go of his icy embrace.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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