Beyond Blond-critique

She was an icon
The Swedish  blond
He was a lonely overweight Dutch guy who collected Abba records and memorobilia.
She married,had children,
He devoted his life to “Abba”collecting records,CDs,hanging posters,making her his God.
One day,tired of his life ,he moved to Sweden,found a house near her house and lived to see her ,watching her  behind bushes ,following her.

He finally found a goal and a purpose in stalking his admired blond star.
He wrote her letters after letter until  one day he had had  a car  accident and he wrote her that too..then one day,his dreams came true, she,his star god, showed up at his door ,she came to visit and more than this , they had had  a relationship  together that lasted two years!
It was not a typical stalking  star story,more like a Dutch cinderella story in reverse,the ugly rat meets a princess ,but he continued to bother her after she had broken off the relations.
The Swedish police intervened,so did a concerned neighbor,the Dutch man was expelled from snowy freezing Sweden.
The Dutch man waits patiently like a fly to return to Sweden and to stalk his blond star..after the court order will expire.
What makes people stalk?
Strong emotions that connect to the wrong person,someone who will not return the love,and a difficulty to accept “no”as an answer.
Part of growing up is accepting disappointments graciously without resentment and animosity.
Life is rarely perfect except in societies where people pretend life is perfect.
A certain energy of an injured animal attracts a hunter and sometimes even a killer.
The blond star continues to sing and the songs speak of a desprate need to be held and loved.
The songs are shallow but the singer is beautiful and her voice can make any stupid surface lyrics sound good.
“ABBA”was a huge hit amongst a public that wanted light entertainment,a life simplified by shallow lyrics sang by a beautiful pretty canary.
The blond of ABBA ,Agantha ,was once popular now she is just an elderly singer who needs to worry about safety from insane fans.
As we hear the song always played on new year’s eve by ABBA “Happy new year” may we remember that an anonymous life has many benefits amongst them peace though maybe not love but then again what is love to the shallow hit parade?
Anyone whose dream is to make someone else their star should adopt a chiuaua ,dress her in little jackets and post her photos on the social media.
Best of luck to the blond from ABBA whose life may begin now that age might make her and her fans  a bit wiser .
The  documentary “Beyond blond” that can be viewed in five parts on youtube,  focuses on the backside of a blond lady  an obsession that seems a  mystery to those like me who have no clue as to what makes backsides or frontsides of anyone blond or otherwise a focus of obsession.
Shallow is difficult to dive into
And yet pop culture occupied so many minds needlessly in the ultimate distraction from answering  serious profound questions beyond blond.

Peace ,light and love
And a happy new year!!

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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