Rumi’s rubies

You are a ruby in the midst of granite!
How long will you continue to deceive us?
For we can see by the look in your eyes!
So please,come back to the root of the root of your real self.”
“My friends this is in your power’
Last year i met Imam Jamal Rahman  at an inter religion symposium at Sivananda yoga center in the  Bahamas’ Paradise.

Jamal ,who works in Washington , came up to me after  his lecture having answered some of  my questions and said”you have a curious mind.I like that” with a smile that brought many participants to his lectures;a talented storyteller ,a smile on his face,he seemed to have an endless storeage

space of stories about a funny figure riding a donkey that reminded me of my father’s stories growing up .
Imam Jamal Rachman may not be what one thinks about when considering a Moslem leader these days,maybe because he is from the region of India,dark skinned,an easy smile always ready to welcome guests to his hospitable tent and many guests arrived.
I bonded with an Iranian family in exile in Canada.we shared a love for Rumi.The husband was an expert. The daughter was with me in the teachers training course and we meet again.
I prefered the Imam’s stories and sufi dances remembered fondly from my days in Cambridge MA
Dancing in a sufi dance circle at a local church.
“I open my heart to you”we chant and look into the eyes of the person coupled coincidently in a dance where we move around pledging an open heart.
Is this the same Islam that is shaking the middle east and scaring Belgium into no fireworks during new year’s celebrations?
Probobly it would be wrong to compare the Imam Rachman to religious leaders that look down at women as inferior.
“You have a curious mind.I like that!”
I hear in my mind the Imam’s kindness,he will not make headlines or recruit  thousands of fanatic but then again poetry and soul work has never been a medium of the  masses.
I sit at a newly discovered location watching a grey lake fill with rain,a red train passes occasionally adding a bright fire to the grey .Clouds surround the city of Zurich and i am sitting outside the city looking at what is the center of activity in the region but only noisy groups of intoxicated teens and lost toursits these days.
A blue and white train passes,my cup of coffee is nearly empty.
My “healing mother earth “Tarot cards have revealed to me a need to count my many blessings.
There are many blessings but to be acknowledged and recognized as a force of light rather than how too many perceive me as a threat to their fragile house of cards is perhaps the best blessing bestowed upon me since my grandfather passed from this world held hostage by a feuding aunt rabid with hate.
Find love where you can find it ,
Embrace it and pass it on.
Love is not a force of attraction between a man or a woman but like Rumi saw it  ,
It is that which recognizes the universal force of an awakened soul ready to tell and share its musings with others and to do so without the dark forces of fear.
I feel like a flower awakened at last by blessed rain.
Religion can not separate us and i refuse to be labeled from now on,
I am the nameless train travelling carrying many thoughts and this window seat to the world is the greatest gift the universe has blessed me with.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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