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Dear wordpress readers and blog writers,

Thank you for reading me
and liking me!

Thank you again and even though it comes late ,it has been a year of great growth  for me with you along the flight,
special thanks to the constant stars in my constellation,regular readers who return to the scene again and again inspiring and never tiring.

Not mentioning names but your presence and spirit are both noted and appreciated and part of the process why we are all here!

The most amazing discovery ever has been the list of readers all over the world reading in over 70 countries,and all places i would love to visit and meet you and thank you personally ;

Thank You to you  in India,Pakistan,Turkey,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Dubai,Malaysia,China,HongKong,Thailand,France,UK,Ireland,Israel,Switzerland,Netherland,Australia,Sweden,Japan,South Korea,Nigera,Brazil,Lebanon,Bahamas,Liechtenstein,Indonisia,Maldives,Greece,Italy,Germany,Austria,Norway,Russia,Lithuania,Hungary,Czech republic,slovakia,slovenia,Romania,South Korea,And more…and more..and more..

One day,i am sure,when we all lose our separated  physical form our “shells” that divide us into national identities and genders and  ethnic group members and we will return to being pure spirit and  soul we might remember these beautiful moments on earth when we forgot our divisions and united in spirit even for a moment,a breath,a pure unity of soul awareness beyond all artificial labels  and then we will wonder how fear ever kept us away from embracing eachother as one loving whole unity of creation and we will continue to hold hands forming a chain of light we all are inspiring others till infinity and beyond. Together.

Your love and my love  meet through words,and through  these meetings  a greater love grows!

Thank for watering my roses
and for being my roses,
I love you !

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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