The farm at winter

A cow stands alone
covered in mud
her feet in snow
dirty and sad
her large eyes
looking down  at the hay.

The rabbits enclosure
previously joyfully hopping
is empty of its prisoners;
two brown rabbits huddle
one is busy eating,
the other is busy watching
with large beautiful brown eyes .

A chicken appears seeking seeds
then disappearing behind the hut
freedom is hers but how long?
Soon the eggs produced will be
an omlette in my frying pan
containing freedom sought in vain.

Drinking apple juice
from  last autumn ,
watching the sun disappear
melting almost
in the pale blue snow covered mountains 
on the horizon
a figure clad in pea green coat
walks away
like the sun,
leaving me to wander
lonely as  a cloud.

The dog limps
on a paw
picking her up
holding her small body
in my arms,
watching the city
spreading  itself
on the other side.

at a much later hour,
Leonard Cohen will be
looking for a cure for love
he will not find it
but we are not looking
for anything anymore outside,
now that we are

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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