To death-a reaction song to swedish foreign policy

It occured to me recently looking over the white snow covering the green fields that what irritates a lot of people including the frozen faced  foreign Swedish minister complaining of political misjustice in the middle east of terrorists shot while stabbing while not protesting mishandling of women in Sweden by gangs that perhaps for many people it is easier to identify with death;
if you see death as your icon and live in a frozen tundra ,some might seek the sun but others buried under frankly badly put together Ikea furniture that always falls apart ,then perhaps celebrating death goes better with the seasonal depression of the snow covered Swedish landscape often confused with Switzerland but for the small difference that Swiss do not intervene in politics being neutral they keep the bank accounts and sometimes sponser certain teams but lets not get into that;here is a song to replace the “To life”Fiddler on the roof;

To death
To death
to death
to Ice is
to ice is
to ice is
to ice
Here’s to our frozen faced families
molested daughter by refugees
here’s to ice is
to death.
Here’s to our daughter
our women
once it was vikings
now middle eastern
but here is to death
to burning villages
to stabbers
to murderers
here’s to ice is
to death
to murder
to stabbings
to molesting
to men who dishonor their women
here is to ice is
to ice.

No dancing just standing in a row

Inspired by watching Bill Maher
who made me aware that if Jesus was running for office as president of the US ,he would lose because he was socialist and a Jew..and yet many republicans call themselves good christians..

It occured to me that we need to be careful when we quote the bible,old and new because a quote is not a proof of anything nor expresses an attitude.

It occured to me that terrorists are getting too much attention while their victims too little.

Instead of posting photos of terrorists in the media lets post photos of their victims and focus on what society loses not on the shooting of violent thugs holding knives or guns.
It occured to me that soon Ikea might be initiating a new line of knives honoring terrorists in line with the Swedish Foreign minister protesting shooting of terrorists attacking people.
It occured to me after having read that in Ramallaha the Palestinian authority are naming a park ,a place where children play,after a terrorist who murdered a rabbi and a student in the gates of Jerusalem ‘s old city that anything is now possible and acceptible.
It occured to me while watching on youtube an angry Palestinian flag waving mob stand in front of the palestinian ambessy in Sophia ,Bulgaria defending the right of an escaped terrorist hiding there who stabbed a young yeshiva student 41 times in his chest then escaped Israeli prison and is now actively protesting Israel in Europe,that anything is possible under the sun
but that also that humanity has never been so stupidly accepting of a culture of death as Swedish and EU foreign policy shows.
Human stupidity,it occured to me while recently attending a concert in a hall where last spring Israeli soldiers paid by the city of zurich
and its church to speak of the evils of Israeli soldiers defending its tiny land for TEN days called “Breaking the silence” while Syria gets no mention and its children murderef drowned and left to wander parentless in streets ,while seeking SOMEONE to say something that not one of those white haired Europeans applauding for the wonderful pianist could care less that their tax money church taxes christians pay goes to sponser an organization now exposed for handing names of Palestinians working with Israel to smiling charming president Abbas to be executed ,that none of those swiss old people care about what their money pays for..

It occurs to me that despite what people in Europe or anywhere say about the US,there is still Bill Maher ,an American,defending rationality and reminding people claiming to be educated just how ignorant so many politicians are of basic facts about history and religion and values.

It occured to me that sometimes the places that are sources of the most stupidity and ignorance and lack of peaceful values and racism can also be the places of progress ,and new ideas and innovation and creativity and scientific progress and poetry and is that not amazing?!

Now it occured to me is also :
Time for some sun
and everything under it
new and old.

Like the Italian scientist said and
the earth will move on,or something similar,just before his execution by the church for suggesting how the planets move
but how many people really think about planetary life?

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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