Youtube -and beep you too

And the world was told in books in libraries and then one day google god came and he separated knowledge between online and offline and he called the online music and politics youtube,and he covered his eyes and declared
Oy,this will be the end of knowledge and the beginning of hell..

It was in Thailand where i first met the youtube university graduate quoting solutions to the middle east crisis,not that anyone and epecially me ,had asked him..

I was attending a yoga teachers training and had stopped for a smoothie at a raw food place my yoga teacher went with his Swiss devotees trailing behind him like Thai street dogs walked along the beach.

He was a tall hansdome charmer of Celtic roots and she a Serbian yoga princess with plastic earings
we hit it off immediately posing for a yoga heart asana at the beach at sunset and the Celtic prince had jeeped us along skipping the overloaded local motorcycles carrying entire families without a halmet along the streetless streets of the island.

Later as we layed around lazy as lizards on our yoga mats chatting happily about the yoga course my two companions had attended in Bali i listened starred eyed to the Celtic prince speak with an Irish lucky charms accent about what he learned at yoga school,life and then he quoted his god;youtube.

Youtube said so therefore it must be true!
The middle east conflict was chosen because it was the most likely to irritate me subject or maybe randomly but the Serbian princess with a yoga studio in Belgrad,a ballerina posture and noble swan like manners allowed her man to talk and we listened with yogi neutrality as he expressed deep hate towards anything to do with jews in jest ,politics or long stories with a punch line in which a jew with a yiddish name did something typical like gather money,speak of his circumcision ,steal Arab land or just be irritating and trying to take over the world in a zionist conspiracy .

The next time i visited the raw food establishment i ignored the celtic prince with a phD in youtube and an honorary degree from Facebook…

This Sunday morning everything came back as i made a comment on a youtube video made by a nonreligious American talking about circumcision but quoting the Hebrew bible about the warrior God and then he goes on to describe a detailed account of his own  chosen circumcision as a young adult with the intention of “getting chicks”…the video also described female circumcision in great details ..
One would think i would know better than to comment but it was a dark hour and so i commented on the youtube that i thought it was rather antisemitic to quote the bible in that way ,the way of the fanatics who quote a few lines from the bible in order to shame
I also added a quote by Eli Wiesel about how jews not being amongst the mass murderer in world history,a fact that irritates many antisemites to no end.

Around 4 a.m.on a sunday morning i woke up seeking water and heard my mobile phone beep,
i could not believe my eyes and ears,the agnostic bible quoter had made an hour long video about ME
called “Answering  a Seagull’s comments”
The youtube video,by now probobly edited numerous times,contains photos of seagulls eating garbage and irritating people  and speaks in a drunken white trash drug taker voice about some of his best agnostic friends being jews and how could that bitch say anything about his obvious deep integrity..
The word bitch appeared more times than Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran and maybe the new tastement…
I made a bad choice,i commented again ,this time responding to the word “bitch”as a sign of a  low life woman hater ,which clearly he was,he then re edited the video ,he was a part time graphic designer as it turned out,and so he wrote he NEVER ever said the B word but said “a bit”
I signed out of my youtube account and decided to never again comment on youtubes of people who apparently do take drugs and are not friendly towards women,jews or yoga.

Life teaches you lessons but does one learn the first time?
Seems some of us need to repeat our lessons and practice good borders.
“Fences make good neighbors”

Robert Frost adviced and he was so right.

I still  like youtube for nostalgic tv shows from the good old days when family values meant it was about talking about family matters and not featured and focused on men seeking sex objects or women seeking to be objectified and alcoholized..
Youtube has sone good music too and lectures in philosophy and cute kittens but let the buyer beware of Bill Maher  wanna bes
Bill Maher has charm and he goes after the bad girls and guys not seagulls.

Godspeed  cyberspace.
Quoting the bible can be hazerdous to your logical argument especially if the intention is to speak badly of others which strange as it may sound to some people who make it a hobby,was not the original intention.
The bible has everything;war and peace,love and hate but like seagulls ,you can pick and choose what image you choose to contain:
Vicious birds or beautiful figures of   freedom ..
as the Thai people say so eloquently when negotiating prices at their market stands;

It is up to you!!

peace,light and love!

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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