who i am-the question of identity

This question
who i am,
dictates everything
as a result of the conclusion;
What makes you happy?
who you marry?

You think you are an academian
you seek a professor,
if you think you are a teacher,
you seek a learner,
if you think you are a learner
you seek a teacher,
If you think you are ill,
you seek a healer,
If you think you are a liar,
you seek deceit,
If you think you are dishonest,
you seek deceit,
you may play a number
of roles throughout your life time
as a child
as a youth
as an adult
but if you seek to be happy,
you seek an illusion
and anyone thinking
they are happy,
lives in the greatest illusion
of all
that a state of mind
depended on an identity
or social achievements
is who you are!
I am not my body,
i am not my thoughts,
i am not my work
nor my position
in society,
i am a yogi,
seeking not who i am
but how i can be
of temporary use
to a world
that constantly seeks
to place me
in drawers
and shut me in
closets .
i am not this body you see,
or this face you watch
cry or laugh or smile or frown,
I swim,i fly,i dive
but i do not drown
in your ideas of who i am
and who i should be
and what i need to do
to please you
or society,
i am the wind that will
shake your preconceptions,
i am my sketches
and my words
and i am my songs
and i am also
and at the same time
i am darkness and shadow
i am the window
you open to see
the light
of my smile
seeing you
and the world
and myself
as one.

No loss possible
when we are all one
we have all won.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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