swiss rule:only swiss


Swiss rule:only swiss are allowed to complain,foreigners are told:
“why don’t you go back to where you come from”
Refugees are exceptions, if you come from a Moslem country /African land  /Mexico/south American dictatorship in which case you are told
“If you don’t like it  here, why don’t you cross the border to Germany?”

Scene:Swiss music shop
s.:Excuse me i would like to get rid of an old piano.I used your tuning team but the last tuner had told me the piano strings are too old and need to be replaced so it is better to get rid of it.”
Swiss salesperson:4th floor
4th floor
The salesperson is speaking on the phone.S. stands waiting for him to notice her.
An opera version of leonard cohen’s ” Halleluya ” distracts must be the worst thing you could do to a leonard cohen song…
More people arrive waiting silently for the salesperson to aknowledge their presence. S. swallows the insult towards  her and Leonard cohen ‘s song and seeks to escape.
Third floor Concert pianos. Steinways..
S. asks a middle aged mustached man about the piano salesman ‘s attitude and informs him she will leave without dealing with this type of service  .
s. makes the worst mistake possible…she mentions GERMANY.
“In Germany when you walk into a store,the salespeople come to you and show you the pianos and offer you their service. Nobody ignores a customer  AND (bad bad mistake)the prices are  CHEAPER .
The  silver mustached salesperson begins a loud rant
“How dare you stab the Swiss economy in the back?Buy from Germany?!You live here and you want to buy in Germany?!”
The salesperson corners S. ,she can not move or breath or escape his menacing presence as he roars s.’sins as a traitor of the beloved  land and s. feels an execution will be a proper punishment…
“please”,S.mutters,”I have children…”
“I need to budget…what about the children..”
S. is confused.she mutters excuses that are thrown out the door with the rain…she manages to escape at the last minute  through a back door to freedom…
“And don’t you EVER COMPLAIN about the service again!!!!”
howlers the silver mustached sales person…
S. runs outside not stopping to  look behind.
It isn’t the first time the German slogan  “the customer is king!” is translated in Swiss German to “the customer is a carpet”..
complaints about rude or incompetent  salespeople had backfired to s. being placed on a black list of a telecommunication company for speaking loudly to a young sales girl who had sold her the  wrong part ,replacing it with yet another wrong component for a couple of weeks leaving S. without an operating phone but with bills for the service…
There was no use complaining as s. would have been placed on another list neatly filed and read out to her like the official  declaration of  the right of rude salespeople while the customer is forced to pay the bill regardless of whether the service functioned or not,the customer S. was blamed for the faulty part and as a stupid foreigner customer she was not allowed to complain about stupid foreign salespeople. Stupid Swiss salespeople were supervising and filing reports about loud rebelious customers…
S.  got to know  the system in depth when she had finally realized that 15 year old office apprentices had been given the task of spaming  her emails complaining about the service ..

S. walked into a rainy day feeling suffocated by the invisible hands of service people ,piano salespeople ,telecommunication company workers,post office workers all seemed to belong to a royal bloodline worshipped in switzerland called “the working class”.
The swiss academic hid behind the glass of their hidden away  offices and only came out for a brief lunch cleverly avoiding any contact with anyone not having learned useful subjects such as latin and organic chemistry,they could be seen briefly playing computet games on their ipads pretending to work or limping drunk and drugged  on the train Friday afternoons on their way home to pack for their  Alpine  holiday homes.single,married,divorced,
all of them without exception avoided eye contact with strangers and melted fused into symbiotic relationships with siblings or Swiss people they had known since before conception while placed  on a waiting list for a hockey club by their adoring Swiss mothers.
Switzerland was an exquisite experience for foreigners;if you are foreign and the police found you guilty of a crime ,even depositing your trash in the wrong container you could be deported back to your country of origin.
“Why DID you ever leave ,anyway?”
The forensic police  psychiatrist questioned S.
S. stared silently into space as she had use to observe elderly women on sundays staring into a great nothingness at the local coffee shop ,their thoughts,if they ever had had any,had turned to  to a thick unsweetened thick grey porridge .

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