A girl in the river


For Saba Qaiser

shot in the face,

thrown in the river

by her father and her uncle,

for choosing to live free ,


are not the only one to be

living in an illusion of family love

only to find yourself

thrown out

to the river

as good as dead

but you became better,

and when they had asked you

to forgive those who had wanted your death

you chose to forgive only yourself!


*Sharmeen Obaid Chino’s film ” a girl in the river” is a documentary  film competing for the Oscar  telling the ordeal  of a 19 year old Pakistani woman who was shot in the face and thrown in the river by her father and her uncle as part of “honour” killing for disobeying and marrying the man of her choice without consulting the family first, she survived somehow , the uncle and father had been arrested but she was urged to forgive them which according to Pakistani law would mean they would be set free and not convicted as criminals. 

Let us not kid ourselves that  this only happens  in Pakistan where women are thrown into the river by their families, this happens everywhere! If would not be possible to abuse a woman had she a family that cared enough to save her from such a fate, and  abuse  of females is learned  and encouraged at homes all over the world! 

Lets hope Hollywood will do the right thing and award this brave  film maker fighter for human rights a prize which will enable her to gain more power in a world where women have too little power over their fate! 

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