This week in the  violent south side of Chicago

 A  priest named Michael Pfleger , a white priest in an African American congregation , who had  in the 1960’s  watched how Martin Luther King jr. was hit by a bottle thrown at him, and he had thought this was the craziest man he had ever seen and he became obsessed with Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. 

Michael Pfleger became part of the Chicago political scene .

In January there was a funeral for a man called “Tune” , short for “Cartoon” , a member of a gangster gang that controlled an area near the church, who had been arrested many times for violence, carrying weapons etc. he had been shot and killed in a car chase , cartoon is laying beneath a picture of a black Jesus.

There were 500 people killed by gun violence last year in Chicago and father Pfleger did not miss an opportunity to speak out , he promised to put away bad cops but also to stop the shooting of each other.  

“I am not afraid of nobody, i  got God on my side”

Father Pfleger had been threatened by Tune, yet he held a funeral for him so he could speak to hundreds of young people and say the following; 

“We have to stop this crazy spirit of retaliation . You never get even. ..we have to stop this craziness. Some blocks look like third world countries and we fight over that. Fight city hall, the governor, the president, and bring some hope back to the community. Don’t just stop the violence, give me a job, give me an opportunity. ” 

It’s a certain form of suspended cynicism , he feels that the acts of one person can bring a change. 

-New Yorker gty_81300719_father_pfleger_kb_130804_33x16_1600



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