My visit to the local large supersaver supermarket

Well,one less item on my bucket list.
A visit to “Lidl”-German prices in Switzerland

Surprising diacoveries :
-A Jerusalem artichock
-various cheeses
-half priced flowers and plants
-cheap chocolate
-Temptation to shop till you drop.

Some singular swiss spotted shopping for two items..
Most of the shoppers passive aggressive when asked in German
“where is the tofu?”
The answer was:nowhere ,this is meat and potatoe land..
Dog got game flavored treats which seemed more humane than veal flavor or duck..sorry deer..your death shocks me less than that of a duck or lamb but still..may all beings know no suffering and dogs need to eat meat

Other distractions were pyjamas that declare “I am in love with you”
but turn out to be maternity wear,so much for romantic illusions..
Memories of the ex haunted me as i returned to the shelf a bag of potatoe chips cramberry flavored..something for the mrs. nostalgic days of forced to see and hear soccer screams drowning in potatoe chips and sugary drinks ,silently mourning the baby Einstein training program perhaps it was when i knew it was time to set free my grip on my DNA setting them upon a swiss river praying boredom will bring them back to the academic oriented tribal  orient.
The shopping ended with only two and a  half large bags and a victorious “i saved so much money” denying the Starbucks visit and a self given thumbs up as i made my way up the Swiss mountain ;home on the range..
spring appeared in the form of a brave  birds’  nest ..the skies are a dirty  even grey and the sound of bird songs reminds this consumer minded yogi that the best things in life ARE indeed free but need feeding everu now and then ..unless worms happen to be your daily bread..

and Lidl..

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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