sunday summary

Easter in the “heart” of Europe  is like a plague that killed off most of the population…and cravings begin to surface right at the time when realizing them or answering the call means a train ride to the main train station where it is to be expected that drunk teenagers or adults will be roaming the station not bothering but being intoxicated adds a level of unpredictibility to life that closed stores had brought about.

The shopping list is only a few items:Greek yogurt,tomatoes,lettuce,cucumberfresh leafy salat)

I settle for scrambled eggs and oatmeal wishing for a jeannie,
“yes ,mistress,your wish is my commend”
Open up the shops,
cancel Easter,bring me a grocery bag full of fresh healthy fruit and vegetables and yogurt.Make fantasies about strawberries disappear..
Vitamin defiecency has appeared in the form of sore throat,fatigue
and slight headache.
Possible idea for future innovation:
Fresh fruit and vegetable delivered as easily as pizza.
Call carrot inc.

Reading Nonviolent communication about the need to state needs.
I need fresh fruit and vegetables but since slavery does not exist in these parts and the servents had  never been  hired the throat continues to be sore
which ensures less talking.

Plans: Clean
(it is ALWAYS the plan for cloudy days but hardly ever happens like Hurricanes)

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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