like a cow
with several stomachs
the past
forgetting to feed
the now .
about past people
no longer here,
no longer near,
wondering why?
wasn’t enough
a cow feeding
compromising on grass
some if it sprayed
with pestosides.
sometimes a fly
can be a friend
but moves on
so quick
with a wink
and i am always
too big,
too much
for the slaughter house
where size is  appreciated.
Expecting pain
lots of pain,
familiar ,
a legacy,
sometimes running away
but always caught
at the end
and trying
every day
not to think
of the end,
the green pastures
perenial as the grass,
oblivious to time,
a burden to the farmer
but a comfort to a child.
digesting in my many
the same refrain,
living day to day
producing milk
for the masses
and carbon dioxide
as a revenge.
One day
the whole planet
will be destroyed
thanks to the meat
and milk industry
but what do i care?
I chew my grass
i have several  stomachs
and only one
And life has
the same refrain
but it can not be
it’s part of
the plan.
one day i will escape
even when i am caught,
it is better than
being bought.
To be free
i think
might make me
but meanwhile
i am content to chew
not to think
about what
they do.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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