Gardening rehab

2015 - 1-5Tonight i had a delightful call awakening me from my tomb of flu pains and aches,my gardener friend had called to repeat an offer to work at the gardens where he supervises exotic is like asking a murderer to be a nurse as i confessed to yet another killed kitchen plant.
When i first moved in the apartment i finally had a balcony again and there were plans ,yes,so many crazy plans to turn the balcony to a botanical garden,caring for the flowers and thus surrounding myself with beauty and inspiration for art and connecting to nature at home.
A long history as a planet killer would have been erased and indeed a new leaf turned ,in more ways than one…but six years later the balcony is green with a curious  mold species and even the dog won’t venture out to what became a plant cemetery.
Spring brings with it a flu and also hope that this year change will come and my barren desert balcony will resemble Bernie sanders’ vermont ;lush and green.
The dog can not be blamed for distraction from garden work and now that the flu bug has grounded me i am forced to count the dead and dying..tulips recently cut from a community garden decorate momentarily the table as the tea cups mount in an alarming rate resembling Alice in wonderland’s tea party.
Now that all “flights” have been cancelled due to my lifeless sniffling form hijacked by the flu bug there is hope spring will bring back brave trusting plants courageous to be entrusted to my care ,as if they had a choice..

The bird house once provided a marijuana plant as an amused guest observed ; seeds sold in wild bird food fell down to the earth  below in the abandoned was the wrong gender i was told,apparently only one gender provides the legendary leaves Bob Marley praised..

plant growing has never been more attractive ,it just might be the time of life to grow things that can not run away ,produce noise nor complain but can only die quietly ..

“Don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is going to be alright..”

I said yes to the rehab offer but first must care for dog and self,both needing TLC 24/7
this might take a while..

I promised to get back before summertime..

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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