Girltalk on Tuesday


so lets move on to other topics besides men, because you know , those are not your worse problems but too often it is girlfriends who make your life full of disappointing potholes on the road. 

You run into a familiar voice, these days you recognise people by their voice rather than face that has probably changed, and you find yourself exchanging pleasantries but soon enough the lady turns to the lady she has met INTENTIONALLY and you are OUT, and you go back to high school and primary school and recall that in kindergarten your best friends were boys. 

Why is that? you ask yourself but since you got me to tell you , i will tell you that it is because you can not choose friends according to gender, skin, religion, nationality, but it is some sort of energy that you might have between you, some common feature, some madness, some artistic tendency that makes you an outcast. 

You listen in to the conversation at the next table, the one that has a closed circle leaving you out and they talk about moving and how to clean and how to pack and how to , and you think what their husbands must think of can they find anything in common to talk about but maybe they do not talk at all?

The grass is always greener but human relations they are not paradise , not by far, there are a lot of disappointments and compromises to be made, girlfriend, and most people will disappoint you, and most often it will be females like yourself so don’t expect girlfriend to get along with everyone, remember those early lessons in kindergarten, where you were thrown with a bunch of kids and told to get along and play and you got bored playing with dolls very quickly and the boys were much more interesting and their games more interesting, digging in the sand, building towers, you must have picked up the habit way back then, but now girlfriend, it is time to let go of old habits and pick up new ones like learning to say hello with a fake smile and MOVE ON, whether female or male, girlfriend, we were not meant to stop , get stuck in a rut, and you were meant to thrive, and grow and blossom and even though it is raining , raining hard outside, try to keep things happy inside, listen to a happy song, don’t mind what the other say, because those who matter won’t mind , girlfriend, that you are a bit different than the rest. I don’t. 

Accept yourself as you are girlfriend, you are more than enough for the right friends and  if the right friends are  only one or two  that is more than enough too, and if there are none to be found, girlfriend, just be happy with your own company and the company of songs, and don’t seek what you can’t know and what can not know you.

Hugs, girlfriend, hugs! 0156031604.01.LZZZZZZZ

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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