A jazzy ISIS tune

“Americans are from the US
Mexicans are from Mexico
Egyptians are from Egypt…
Arabs are from the Arabian area
Israel is a point of contention
So lets not talk of that..
covered women arent oppressed
It is like homeophobic who don’t like  gay men ..
Americans come from USA,
Mexicans from Mexico
And lets not talk of other countries till we know where they are from.”
  – a jazzy tune on the radio
A gay joyous jazzy tune on the swiss cultural radio plays this song and i can not believe my ears..
Calling covered women  oppressed is like gay men abnormal ?!really?!
Americans are from the US?
So simple..
Israel is not mentioned because one can not know where its people come from?!
My answer to that provocative poison song is :
The people of Israel come from a thousands years old people just as old as the Arabs and the Egyptians
And much older than the American invention of America
So some respect if you are going to sing toxic words.
The program after that offers Nortb African culture music introduced  in crisp  German words.
So this is what the swiss German cultural channel have you believe:
The world is made up of certain LEGITIMATE cultures and certain ILLEGITIMATE BASTARDS like the jews of Israel and at the same two birds with one stone:justify covering women as  natural as being gay.
I am a woman and i was born naked in Israel and i dont think covering me from head to toe nor making me feel I NEED TO HIDE my self so men dont sexually assault me is the same as being born gay and seeking not to hide that tendency.
Since when has being extreme religious been a natural matter?
What is natural about making women wear  curtains or placing gay people in closets as most Arab cultures do?
It is not a matter of a BETTER culture but come on unless this is a satire and i am afraid ,it is not,the cultural radio is broadcasting a song in English devaluing Israel at top peak hours listening times  while praising North African culture.
A new form of racism emerges,the wanna be liberal while throwing mud to Israel’s face.
The program seems to ignore the news at 17.00
Syria has a humanitarian crisis
Refugee crisis in France.
The blame for Syria remains anonymous
The blame for the refugee crisis
Remains nameless.
But the blame for the middle east muddle is very clearly subtly or openly Israel so how can you tell me you’re neutral ?
I leave the radio mostly to the dog when i am away for company but today i listened to SF2culture channel .
The swiss German radio seems to innocently plant seeds of musical hate.
How long has it been since the songs marches had  led to actions in similar spirit?
I think i will look for another radio station for the dog and me to listen to.
Hidden messages are messages nontheless..
On my way to bring my shoes to be repaired by a Muslem shoe repair man in the village.i dont know where he is from ;Afganistan,Pakistan,Iran ,Iraw..etc.
But it does not matter to me where he is from nor to him whether i cover my head.
I would do the same everywhere.
Israel too.it does not matter to me whether a person is muslem ,jew,hindu etc. But it would matter to me if a person looked down at me for wearing pants,not covering my head etc..
Culture radio or the voice of ISIS?

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