Talking to a spanish lady


The other night i had an interesting talk with a friendly sort of person from Spain.
“Maria”,she said,
And i thought to myself
“Maria.I just met a girl called Maria”
Not the sort you meet as a romantic encounter from “west side story”but a sort of meeting of minds and smiles and words in English with a charming accent.
“Ola”she said to the dog,
And then we spoke of food and tge topic of vegeterian eating came up.
Maria believed
“We are like animal eats the other,no?
And i answered
“Howevee human beings HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE .The awareness and the consciousness to be able to think about what they do.(unlike animals who act out of instinctual impulses)
I forgot to add that last bit
But do you,dear reader,see what  i am trying to get at?

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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