For all those teeth grinders out there…

Yes,i confess i grinde my teeth but it took an anxious person who obviously observed me sleeping or was awoken from the noise of grinding teeth to have noticed that.
An equally observant dentist soon added his opinion and so i was fitted for  a  plastic piece to place in my mouth every night …
Dentistry has made progress and the large plastic piece was reduced to a smaller piece able to prevent grinding teeth.
The consequences of failing to place that plastic covering upon my teeth are expensive and painful  extensive reconstruction of destroyed teeth and i might add migrane headaches .

A month ago my plastic teeth cover had disappeared,it happens occasionally but usually i find it in the rubble in the sofa by retracing my steps..this time my extensive investigation and slight spring cleaning had failed to uncover the whereabouts of the much needed teeth protection piece. A.k.a tpp.

This morning i accidently stumbled upon it in my dog’s nest next to my  smelly socks…it was fortunately  unchewed since the material is made to withstand chewing..

So a happy find for me this morning and the dog ofcourse looks innocent of any crime.
My migranes will hopefully fade away and the remainder of my still in tact teeth will maintain their sparkling  hollywood shine!

And teeth!

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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