Despite yoga

Despite yoga
I lost my temper
The dog began barking
And a woman acted scared,
the more the woman acted
Irritable and scared ,
the more the dog barked.
The dog is old and frail
I feel old and frail
and then this young
twenty something woman
acted irritable and scared
And despite yoga and meditation
And good intention
I just lost my temper,
it was such a clear closed circle
of defeating behavior
that made me consider
my life;
The more i am in despair,
the more i find reason to despair
Meet the sort of people i don’t want to meet;
A mother disciplining a dog
or child
A woman yelling at a scared
Dalmation to sit still.
Something in the Germanic
Containing of emotions
And using public domain
to discipline a dog or child.
Two people sneeze
I bless the air
No one reacts.
The alienation is deep
The dalmation gets off
And i feel like a yelled at dog;
Sit still!
Don’t move.
Yoga won’t make you
Calm or give you
Immediate inner peace
After meditation
But it will help you find
Ways and paths
Of channeling the inner chaos.
Next time you might
Choose to be silent
Not a silence of rage
And repression
But a silence of
Of what you are
unable to control
nor change.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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