La vie en rose-Pink Ribbon






Switzerland does not have a lot of shopping centers but sihlcity this weekend is hosting the pink ribbon charity raising money for breast cancer research . 

When you walk in the shopping center there is the friendly female table with one lone male offering a bag of goodies in exchange for 15 minutes on the steps machine.

I stayed on 30 minutes while the dog barked leading me to initiate the lady and dogs walk for the pink ribbon in the upcoming year, depending on the organisers’ reaction..

Walking awakens the endorphin system, and as the same effect as drinking a frappachino in starbucks! 

I burned around 200 calories , raised awareness as people eating their sandwiches on their lunch hour stood and watched us ladies walking for Pink ribbon..

I was surprised how few people wanted to participate and reminded the organisers to caution people to NOT eat at least an hour before exercising! 

Eating demands blood supply to the digestive system  and exercising demands blood supply towards  the limbs there fore one should exercise on an ideally empty stomach. 

The pink ribbon campaign this years will include: 
72 hours  on the walking step
machine .
Raising money for breast cancer research.
I  prefer cancer  PREVENTION:
My Sivananda yoga  teachers training had taught me:

*proper breathing
*proper exercise
*proper nutrition;
A vegeterian diet
*No alcohol or smoking
Minimum stimulants .
*proper rest
*positive thinking

Yes,some will tell me of a healthy yoga training person they know who died of cancer young but i think we know that despite a  possible genetic tendency in some families;
ENVIRONMENTAL factors are ultimately also  crucial.

So am i really on the side collecting millions for cancer research while IGNORING
What one can do for PREVENTING cancer?!
Not necessarily.
Cancer research means petri dishes,animals sacrificed and tortured when all we humans are asked to do is stop our stupid self harm ;stop smoking,stop drinking toxic alcohol,eat healthy,stop eating meat that has hormones,antibiotics and other harmful chemicals.
Rest properly,think positive thoughts,and take care of the temple in which your soul resides and save millions dedicated for cancer research.

Yes, there is a 92 year old McDonald’s  fry cook in Singapore celebrating a birthday but just how many have lived to  brag that eating fried meat prolonged their ONE life on earth? 

The Devil’s advocate says; the oldest person on earth, a woman claims to have eaten beacon every single day of her life..but STATISTICS say, she probably has a genetic constitution that allows her to eat ANYTHING and be healthy, most of us can not get away with processed meat , and chemicals in our meat and fish …

One of the  oldest living creatures on earth , turtles, are vegetarians after all! 

Getting back to the Pink Ribbon; 

Last year i partipated in my first Flesh mob and after our first practice session being one of the hand full of  elderly people,i had  seen  a group of young teenagers smoking.

“Do you know why we are here?”
I  had asked the young smokers.
“We are here to raise awareness for breast cancer and smoking contributes to cancer!”

Contrary to the mockery i had expected ,the teenagers felt uncomfortable and one girl confessed she wanted to stop smoking  which is where the disciplined regime of yoga comes in.

So for all those who are interested in PREVENTION
Here is one wonderful address
My Yoga school where there are centers that  are smoke free,alcohol free,meat free..

Peace,light and love!

I will keep walking,jumping raising awareness to cancer
Celebrating the health i earned as a result of choosing a healthy life style rather than choosing to be a victim of cancer and a subject of research though i know that some people will be ill of cancer and other diseases despite a healthy life style..
And that is where pink ribbon comes in.
And all over the world where pink ribbon is active;

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