Top Ten longest living or oldest animals | OneKind

Cancer researchers and people interested in nutrition  :

The ten longest living animals do not eat meat !

Should this not be a huge RED light for those claiming MEAT is so healthy for us?

Most animals do not live the full length of the lifespan they could potentially live because they die of infant mortality, diseases, predators, bad weather and due to human beings hunting them down ! 

Elephants are the largest  oldest  living land  animals on earth,yet how do human beings treat those potentially  elderly peaceful vegetarians ? !

images-139images-138.jpeg2016 - 1-5.jpgimages-140 !

105 tons of elephant Ivory , 1.35 tons of rhino horn and other contraband had been burned by the Nairobi National park on April 30th by the order of president Uhuru Kenyatta. This is the largest haul of illicit goods, and part of a campaign started in 1989 to combat poaching . 

Attention USA voters: The Trump “clan” hunts in Africa and thinks shooting animals is a hobby, please pay attention to the actions of other  leaders who are acting to stop hunting illegally and even legally hunting, it is NOT a sign of a desirable quality in anyone and especially not a leader who is supposed to be a role model for others to follow..

Better elect someone who will work together with local African leaders to protect the African wildlife for the sake of our environment and world where everything is connected! 



Source: Top Ten longest living or oldest animals | OneKind

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