Compassion 101:Towards the end

“Speciesism:the ideology considering that the lives and interests of animals can be overlooked simply because they are of another species.
A century ago it was thought that the animals cannot suffer.
Today not only  is it well known by all that  animals suffer and feel emotions but ehological studies have shown that  many animals have self awareness (chimpanzees,bonobos,dolphins,pigs,magpies,ravons,parrots etc.)
Human beings distinguished themselves by manipulation of tools but more than 100 types of animals can use tools too.

Animals are beings endowed with mental life ,with interests,desires,their own personalities and therefore must be regarded as individuals but despite the scientific advances our society is still speciesist and still uses them as a resource:
1.Animals are killed in slaughterhood or die from suffocation in fishing nets.
2.Animals are used as laboratory tools while we are taught that in a civilized society the strong should not harm the weak.
3.Animals are consideres property that can be bought and sold and treated as things.”

   – August 27th is the march for the end of speciesism in Geneva,switzerland.


A flyer depicting the sweet faces of piglets had caught my eye at the recent vegan fair i had attended.

I was thinking why so many people remain unconvinced and make up so many excuses not to be vegeterian or think of animals as equally worthy of living a painfree life.
Here are some obstacles that stand in the way of respecting animals:
1)Religious teachings specifically certain interpretation of the bible distorted by certain moral views look at animals as inferior morally when evidence from observing animals all around us attest to quite the opposite;
Most animals limit copulation to seasons and unlike humans they are not occupied by sex all year round nor do they skip the courting ,selection and evolved courting which modern times have reduced in human beings to non selective primitive acting upon urges;animals are much more selective and smart in their choices of mates,their family lives and the compassion they express in raising their offsprings which is why king solomon who was said to have been the wisest of men adviced to learn from animals!
2)Compassion is a very problematic theme with human beings;murder,abuse and plain turning a blind eye to other people’s suffering are traits that can be abolished if people practiced compassion towards other human beings by first showing compassion towards animals.
Adolf Hitler loved his dog and was a vegeterian and so might have been other isolated cases but if one chooses to express compassion towards animals who rely on human beings for their lives by choosing not to harm animals and to care for them then compassion grows when the seeds for this caring is a general humanistic ethical system that honors all living beings equally.
People who are not balanced might show discrepencies in their ideology like Adolf Hitler slaughtering humans but not pigs but if one contributes to the slaughter of pigs compassion towards others including self suffers.
Compassion ,i have found,is an ongoing life long process with its ups and downs.
Too often a “green”life style is confused with compassion.
Walking my dog in the rain today i had observed a group of toddlers crying in the forest.
An ideology that claims children do better being outside in everu weather ,the forest play group,attracts many young parents.
Young children,some who can hardly walk,are marched dressed in water proof clothing carrying back packs in the forest every day rain,snow or sun.
Tough young Germanic group leaders urge them to walk in cold neutral voices.
It has been my experience in life that compassion begins by how you are treated as a child and how you have gotten used to treating yourself will be how you treat others too.
Too many children have been given a pet rabbit or sent to the forest in the rain to stand in the rain shivering their cries ignored ,rigid rules maintains,crying ignored.
If i took a group of dogs or cats and left them out in the forest for hours it would be reported as cruelty towards animals,or if i ignored a barking dog for long period of time the police would come. Here in switzerland two barks and the swiss police are there writing fines however if a mother lets a baby cry for more than half an hour in public places this is considered normal,crying children are ignored,still many cultures consider attending to a crying child and expressing compassion and comforting the child is spoiling them ,so is holding them.
So this topic of compassion towards animals is quite connected to how human beings treat other human beings too and how we treat ourselves.
We can not love others if we do not love ourselves and perhaps this is the greatest obstacle towards a growing compassion towards others and towards our four legged friends.

Peace,love and light!

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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