After john irving

“Keep passing the open windows”
I say to myself
And as i cross the street
A tram nearly collides in me.
Many thanks to John Irving
For reminding me
We are here to shock,
Not to please!
And who can attempt
The impossible task
Of pleasing anyone
And especially
A condenscending
Arrogant rigid swiss?!

EMPOWERED by John Irving.
My life saved.
An elderly swiss couple
Sits across from me
On the train
Glaring Unashamed 
Or perhaps
They are only
Seeing air
Or reflecting upon
The price of the fare?
No more pleasing anyone
Only the spirit of creativity
Pushing and shoving its way
through the mad masses
through the criticising
stupid  crowds.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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